Murodjon of Ahmadaliev became the first United champion from Uzbekistan.

Boxer is the second lightest weight Murodjon of Ahmadaliev (8-0, 6 KO) won a victory over the WBA and IBF Daniel Roman (27-3-1, 10 KO).

Ahmadaliev became the first United champion from Uzbekistan, making it for a record 8 fights in the Pro ring.

The Challenger from the off took the center of the ring worked by twos, aiming at the head of the opponent. But the champion has quickly adapted and have made counter-attacks, but the attacks of the Uzbeks was more dangerous.

Only the third round, the American tried to box the first number. The fourth round he recorded on his account due to body shots. In the fifth round Roman also looked better, but at the last second gave the round to the opponent.

In the second half of the fight the champion tried to stay on level and pressure, but in the agility and speed of his opponent was better. Ahmadaliev even after 12 rounds looked fresh.

The judges split decision gave the victory Ahmadalieva – 115-113 (novel), 115-113 (Ahmadaliev) and 115-113 (Ahmadaliev).

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