The match AEK – Dynamo Kiev

Dynamo Kyiv will play the first match in the 1/16 finals of the Europa League in Athens against AEK. The online broadcast will be available on mast Кореспондент.net.

The Greek AEK on Thursday, February 15, will Dynamo Kiev. The match will take place in the 1/16 finals LE in Athens beginning at 22:05 local time.

Online broadcast of the match AEK Athens – Dynamo Kyiv is available for Корреспондент.net.

A text stream

Thank you for watched this fight with us. I’ll see you next week.

Draw 1:1. The goal on the road is good, everything will be decided in Kiev. The important thing for Kiev in the second leg to play in the second half today. Then prospects will be small.

90+4. Match completed.

90+3 The fire in the Dynamo penalty after penalty. But all went well.

Ninety. Shaparenko out instead Moraes 4 added minutes.

89. Finishes the match AEK in the attacks, Dynamo continues to fight back. A draw away from home would be Kiev?

87. The most dangerous moment from the owners: Levi delivers, but Lazaros effort.

83. Dynamo somehow decided that it can fight back the whole time. But as usual, this tactic didn’t work.

81. GOAL! Finish badly. The aidarovich closed giving, Boyko wrong exit.

Eighty. Another very dangerous free-kick. Khacheridi fouled by Lazaros.

79. Well, finally! Besedin changed Garmash.

78. Yellow Moraes, were trying to press and prestarlike.

77. Lazaros gets a free kick. Smartly hardly takes the ball to the corner.

76. Garmash continues to foul, and its still not changing. Waiting for removal?

75. Kick Levi – Boyko again. Tired already civljane. Need replacement, but they are not.

72. Boyko pulls the free kick. An excellent save, forgot how to catch the ball.

71. Shepelev fouls right in the centre of the goal. Need to brush up on the Kiev center field.

70. A little perivolo game Dynamo from the goal to center field.

64. The coach of AEK replacements seriously stress his team in attack, Khatskevich yet no answers. And yet, 61 to 39 has the advantage of AEK in possession of the ball.

62. Oh-yo-yoy Garmash who has a yellow, fouled right on the line strafe. The hit with the standard assumed Khacheridi, Harmash the arbitrator the second yellow card not given. We need to change Dennis.

60. Kiev sat down near his own penalty. To hold the ball is not obtained.

58. Instead of George of Giakoumakis on the field at AEK came out Sergio Araujo.

57. Pushing AEK. Lazaros hits the crossbar.

54. Tsygankov was a counterattack, but he was stopped.

53. The people of Kiev should play a more active, not to cuddle up to their gates. To keep the minimal advantage the whole time – not the best idea.

51. The first replacement of the owners. Lazaros instead of Klonaridis.

49. The ball is in Kiev does not stay. A lot of struggle on the field.

47. AEK rushed to attack, but Dynamo defended confidently.

46. No substitutions yet in the team.

The second half began

The end of the first half.

45. Dynamo quietly ends the half. That’s like AEK, especially anything dangerous at the gate of Dynamo did not create, Kiev is clearly stronger. But after every foul, the Greeks are nervous, running to the referee, telling something, stands sostat – and thus they somehow stir up trouble. Although the game Dynamo deservedly ahead.

42. Vranješ will miss the next match the yellow card for a player of AEK.

36. Corner to Dinamo, but nothing dangerous build failed.

33.After a pass into the penalty area Dynamo Rodrigo Galo touch sent it towards the penalty area, but prosters blocked Morozyuk.

30. I have the feeling that the whole strategy of AEK is to fall in the penalty area and beg for a penalty. While arbitrators quietly understand these events, although the Greeks pressed upon them.

29. Garmash fouls in midfield to yellow. On the card at Dynamo Harmash and Yevhen is a classic.

26. Once calmed down the game. The Greeks have nothing in front does not work. And Dinamo plays in a row.

23. Dynamo closes down well, but a lot of fouls should be safer to operate.

21. Levi picturesque falls in the penalty area Dynamo – on-yellow for simulation. Handled the referee and the stands are buzzing.

19. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Passed a throw from Dynamo to flank, Derlis fought and beat the opponent and drilled a cross into the penalty area, Tsygankov was closed with a single touch! Great goal! Dinamo wins 1:0!

17. Corner awarded to AEK, but the impact is not reached. All activity from the owners coming from the right flank, Morozyuk there can not cope.

16. Moraes broke down the flank, waited Buyalsky and together they earned a corner. A cross from a corner won AEK.

13. Garmash beats from long range, weak.

10. The ball from the Dynamo does not hold, long passes while also not pass.

7. Avranno plays smartly after a cross from Halo. In response to the attack Moraes got to a flank.

5. Not delayed the ball in midfield, quickly from defence to attack move command. AEK owns the advantage.

4. Khacheridi already enough on the card. Garmash with a broken head. Good start.

2. Boyko fire at the beginning of the match. I ran for the exit after filing with a penalty kick, before the ball got there, a few players cut, most Garmash got. Well, that to gate the ball never came.

1. The whole stadium in smoke. This is Greece, there is desperately sick.

The match started

The advantage of the Greeks that their championship is in full swing, Kiev almost two months of rest.

The AEK left the Ukrainian Chygrynskiy. From Dinamo from the first minute goes Boyko, who signed at the last moment due to injury Busana. Boyko has not played a competitive match since the end of 2016. It turns out – more than a year. In the attack at the start in Kiev goes Moraes.

Starting lineup:

AEK: Barkas — Halo, Vranješ, Lambropoulos, Mbakiki — Simoês, Galanopoulos — On Goal At Levi’s, Klonaridis — Giakoumakis

Dynamo: Boyko — Kengera, Khacheridi, Kadar, Morozyuk — Shepelev, Buyalsky — Tsygankov, Garmash, Gonzalez Moraes

While the players are preparing for the match, the fans are already distinguished.

The fans of Spartak Moscow fans attacked Dynamo Kiev, who went to support their team for the Europa League match in Greece.

The home team played 8 matches in current season of Europa League and finished 6 of them in a peaceful outcome. While 5 draws in a row the team has earned in the last matches.

Kiev from 8 played matches they have lost – 3:2, Skenderbeu, and two matches finished in a draw.

In the home championship AEK took the 4th place, Dynamo Kiev became the Vice-Champions of the Premier League.

“White-blue” in the matches against AEK can’t help the goalkeeper George Bowen. At the training camp in Spain, the goalkeeper was injured, which was much more serious than originally thought. Busan and will miss the return match, which will be held in Kiev at the NSC “Olympic” on February 22.

Kiev in the Champions League final awaits 100 thousand fans

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