Photo: a Girl with very fluffy hair surprised the Network

The child lives in the Israeli city of tel Aviv. She has an Instagram account with thousands of subscribers.

A five year old girl MIA Aflalo became a star of the social network Instagram Blagoja his abnormally lush hair. In the account of the child published a number of photographs in which she is depicted with various glamorous hairstyles. Photo MIA collect thousands of likes. About it writes The Daily Mail.

At your young age, MIA has managed to get on the website of British Vogue. She also earned praise from top stylist Saga Dahari.

Despite the extremely limited number of positions in the account, the number of its subscribers has exceeded 50 thousand.

However, users of the social network react to the images differently. Some are delighted with the appearance of girls, while other claim that “we should not exploit the child because of her appearance at such a young age.”

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