Photo: still from video of Indian men staged a lynching of a naked woman

Several hundred men were involved in the lynching of a woman suspected of murder 19-the summer guy.

The crowd of angry men chased a naked woman, having arranged over her lynching. The incident occurred in the Indian town in the state of behar.

Hundreds of men came from the village to the city knowing that a local resident involved in the murder of their fellow villager. For this woman was stripped and chased by the street. Eyewitnesses filmed the incident on video.

The video shows that the girlfriend are flying small objects, and angry men shouting around and not let her go.

19-year-old boy found dead on train tracks allegedly with traces of strangulation on the body. The woman was under suspicion of the villagers.

The police managed to disperse the crowd only after the video was widely distributed online. Woman in serious condition was taken to the hospital.

Earlier in Zaporozhye holidaymakers on the beach staged a vigilante justice on the thief, Also the Correspondent wrote that in India more than a million people have left homes because of the floods

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