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The Minister of youth and sports paid a visit to the Olympic database, communicated with the leading athletes.

The national teams of Ukraine for three types of wrestling has completed preparations for the European championship U-23, which next week will start with the Serbian Novi Sad.

On the eve of their departure to the competition to carry out athletes has arrived the Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Igor Zhdanov, responding to the

Formally, in the morning I came for Breakfast with the national team of Ukraine on Greco-Roman wrestling U-23, which goes to the European championship, then went for a workout of women’s national team on free-style wrestling.

I now have a whole program – I’m meeting with the coaches, the leading federations in preparation for the Olympics in Tokyo. When they met in the Ministry, I promised the coaches that will come and talk more with the athletes.

But visited you and other athletes…

– Well, once I arrived at the Koncha-Zaspa, it could not go to the representatives of the rowing, sport gymnast and fencing. Come to all who are now on the database. Asked what the problems are. I had come to athletes. Now make it more regular.

– According to the results of your meetings with the leading federations, what are their main problems?

– The leading federations serious, glaring problems there. It is about ensuring, fees, international competitions. There is a problem with inventory that is not purchased for several years and in one year this will not solve the problem. We little by little buy little and solve this problem.

– Some athletes complain about the food.

– Rate for meals is one of the problems. When I came to the Ministry, was provided for 180 UAH per person per day. In 2017, we managed to increase the amount up to UAH 317, and then it seemed like a victory. Now this is not enough. The problem will be solved, and we will increase somewhere up to 500 UAH.

– At what stage of work on the construction of a new building in Koncha-Zaspa, because there are teams who are now “closely” in the infrastructure that is there?

– It needs large sum of money, the process is, but you need to lay the amount in the budget when it is reviewed. Or even then provide it in the budget for next year.

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