The most popular is housing a small area

Author of the photo: Anatoliy Boyko, Today

The real estate market in Ukraine has already begun – “autumn aggravation”, for example, rental prices increased by 12-20%. For the real estate market in General is characterized by seasonality: spring and autumn, the stable winter, excluding the Christmas holidays. The summer holidays and cottages is considered the least active season in real estate — at this time, buying activity is reduced significantly.

But this summer, the capital’s primary real estate market has not experienced the traditional seasonal slowdown. In the segment of new buildings of economy and comfort class in Kiev, sales rose by 16%, when compared with spring. This was stated by the Deputy Director on commercial questions “the CLAIM shave” Olesya, Perczak, reports portal Minfin.

“An increase in the number of requests to purchase apartments in new buildings in comparison with the same period in 2017, the Number of transactions has increased compared with last summer — an average of 23%. The main reasons were the devaluation of the hryvnia and marketing program to stimulate demand, the proposed developers,” says Parcak.

According to her, the greatest demand is for one – and two-bedroom apartments. More than 35% of the total volume of sold apartments purchased in installments from the Builder.

“From the point of view of the purchase summer is a time best deals on the primary real estate market. Developers quite logically react to the summer recession of consumer activity — they heat demand with best stocks, higher discounts and various gifts. The market average discounts increased from the standard 3-5% to 15-25%. The most significant discounts are usually offered on a dedicated pool of apartments, or were timed to the holidays. Gifts when buying flats, buyers are interesting, but to a lesser extent than monetary discounts. Nevertheless, the developers have offered and the gifts associated with a complete set of future apartment renovation, storage room or a Parking place,” explained, Percac.


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She also noted that the devaluation of the hryvnia from 26.09 to 28,05 UAH/USD. caused a surge in buying activity in the primary housing market in the segment of economy and comfort class.

“The period exchange rate shocks favorable for buyers blow money on an apartment in a foreign currency. Because budget buildings price per square meter is generated in local currency and developers do not respond quickly to increases in prices of the depreciation of the hryvnia,” – emphasizes the expert.