In 2020 Yulia Tymoshenko has gone through another rebirth. From a modern visionary Julia turned retrograde Champions of morality, spirituality and morality.

“Lady Yu” changes its colour almost every political season, but this time she took the threat for Ukraine niche – synchronized with opsi, Viktor Medvedchuk, began to appear regularly on related channels and repeat messages of the “Russian world”.

About how Tymoshenko has gone through another transformation and of Ukrainian politics has turned into a Pro-Russian propagandist, read the material OBOZREVATEL.

For the ties against Europe

Tymoshenko for several decades in politics, tried on all possible roles. She’s fought corruption, she reduced the price of gas, was friends with Putin, called to be “doves of peace”, and then assembled my own army, “resistance of occupation”.

But it didn’t work. Both Tymoshenko and Batkivshchyna remain outsiders of Ukrainian politics. Partners lost the weight, lost influence, so in the course went to the new strategy.

If in 2014, “Lady Yu” called to fight the occupation, now in Russia it no longer sees a threat. A “main enemy” – the West, which supposedly runs the country. Interestingly, along with the new rhetoric, which are synchronized with Putin’s godfather Victor Medvedchuk, Tymoshenko became the main star of the three related channels. Below are only some of her last performances.

Tymoshenko 112-m channel

Tymoshenko on Newsone

Tymoshenko ZIK

Tymoshenko ZIK

It seems more often on these channels only remember the Medvedchuk. Free if Julia became simpatika “Russian world”, or that kind of love was inspired by support from the godfather of Medvedchuk – we can only guess.

Judging by recent interviews, the main enemies of Ukraine, according to Tymoshenko, it is the legalization of prostitution (which is not even seriously discussed), soft drugs and gambling. Julia heard the talk about gay marriage. While the Ukrainians affected by the ongoing Russian aggression, Tymoshenko said neither the war, nor even about the situation in the economy and the social sphere, and replicates the “pugalki” that in a country supposedly destroy the remnants of spirituality and allow men and women to legalize same-sex relationships.

“There are conversations about the legalization of prostitution, soft drugs and gay marriage. Great! Dear friends, let’s put a huge cross on the remains of our spirituality and morality,” she said in the TV channel ICTV.

Another important problem, according to Tymoshenko – external control of the West. Interestingly, these same themes in three telekanal Medvedchuk arrange the whole marathon.

“If Ukraine was the Ukrainian security Service is real, professional and dedicated to Ukraine, the first thing would be to make the SBU, is to understand how it happened that all systems of government passed to the external financial community as it so happened that the national Bank, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economy, all the key leaders, the Prime Minister, part of the security forces receive strategies and teams from outside of Ukraine. This is the work of the SBU, “–said Tymoshenko.

Why and what says Tymoshenko

Creates the image of the enemy in the West, diverting from the actual occupier, Russia. Even if European officials and international organizations and interfering in the internal politics in Ukraine, the real enemy remains in the North – Russia started not declared war, annexed the territory and killed thousands of Ukrainians.

Imaging a new enemy in the West is distracting from the Russian Federation gives the possibility of Pro-Russian politicians to change policy news. They say that problems with Russia supposedly not, but the West is the enemy, where there is no “spirituality”.

Brings Ukraine and Russia “shared values”. They say that Russia is fighting the same “enemy” that threatens us. There have not legalized prostitution, not allowed drugs, and defend traditional values. Supposedly, so must we.

OBOZREVATEL will continue to monitor the political Union of Medvedchuk and Tymoshenko will soon talk about how the policy to impose “Russian world” with the Ukrainian TV screens and trying to wrap the situation up.

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