Liv Tyler: hi from the set of “Powder”. Keith play kuzinov

Photo: misslivalittle / Instagram

Actress Liv Tyler shared a joint picture with actor kit Harington, made on the filming of “Gunpowder”. The photo she published on Instagram.

“Greetings from the set of “Powder”. Keith play Kosinov. In the 1600’s, we are without glasses, but in real life look like this” – she wrote.

???????????????? hello from the set of gunpowder ???? Kit and I play cousins without glasses in the 1600’s , but in real life we look like this ????????????

Publication from Liv Tyler (@misslivalittle) APR 3 2017 7:16 PDT

The series is devoted to events in England, 1605: a group of radical Catholics led by guy Fawkes tried to blow up the house of lords and kill king James I, to return power to the Catholic Church. The plot failed, and Fawkes was defused.