The Russian space industry is stagnating years, stolen and consumes only Soviet resource.

The news that “NASA reported on informal agreements Russia and the USA on the development of the moon”, is present only in the Russian press. In the English language media I was not able to find anything like that. It is clear why Moscow needs such stories: you want to show that Russia remains an exclusive partner, able to act on an equal footing with the USA in this high technology area.

In a situation when the Russian space industry is stagnating years, stolen and consumes only Soviet (actually Ukrainian) resource, the desire of Moscow to create the illusion of “equal” player – understandable. Especially against the backdrop of one after another of the successes of SpaceX, a company that discourages Roscosmos market not only freight, but now manned launches. The company, which is the conduit for the biggest dream of mankind – dreams of exploration of other planets . The other day Elon Musk showed a video testing the heat shield of the ship, which will one day carry people to Mars. Russia at the same time doing what it does best – Mediacom.

It is clear that in the current circumstances, the Russian leadership has two options – to try to win the “space race” or to join the winner. The first option is seen as a losing: corruption, underfunding, and an aging workforce, the aging of the scientific-technical base – there is no point in listing these factors, which largely were the result of the isolation of the Russian Federation. That is why Moscow is seriously trying to consider the second option as more realistic – to impose itself on Washington as a “partner”, and is actually a parasite. The parasite, which in this simple way trying to capitalize on your disgusting militaristic grin: “space in exchange for non-aggression”.

The Russian media has repeatedly emphasized those statements of NASA, where American experts point out that cooperation with Russia in space – out of policy. Because Moscow really understands what is space policy, especially in the perception of Russians. And when Russian media reported on the readiness of NASA to cooperate with the Russian space Agency, the Russians sent a signal that the US is not so much and value their principles.

If the States is actually together with Russia to explore the moon – time will tell. It would be, to put it mildly, not the most adequate signal from the West: a country in the twenty-first century committing such heinous crimes should not be eligible for cooperation with the civilized world on such a symbolically important issues, such as the outside of the globe. You can’t allow eater to elevate themselves through the exploitation of science and culture, which this guy consistently destroys in their own country and abroad.

You see the Americans? Partly – Yes. That is why Congress has effectively banned the meeting of the head of NASA with the Director of Roscosmos, Recalling the sanctions against Dmitry Rogozin. On the other hand, because of the institutionality of the American system the decisions taken there in accordance with the laws, not voluntarism. Washington has not yet banned scientific collaboration with Russia and NASA – the structure is extremely technical and not thinking about politics. For the employees of this government Agency the results of their activities, as a rule, more important than politics, in which they also are not too good.

In this sense, the best option would be utilizing the mechanisms of the market economy, namely the competitive environment, which has allowed SpaceX, Boeing and Blue Origin to offer its own commercial vehicles and engines instead of Russian. Last but not least, these successes are connected with the fact that the United States realized the danger of dependence on Russian space technology. In fact all this is a kind of “sanctions” against the Russian space Agency.

The best “sanctions” would be a full refusal of Washington from any joint projects with Russia in the space industry. This would be a severe blow to the Putin regime, whose success on the international stage is always a way to legitimize the inside the country and abroad. Agreeing to cooperate with the Russians on projects of development of planets, the United States agree with the legitimization of the aggressive foreign policy of Russia. Here’s what to expect in the Kremlin, and that is something we should ponder the American authorities: wouldn’t it be too a high price the assistance that US expects to get from Russia in the fight for the forefront of human thought?

Alexander Kushner, Newsader