Implementation of the project “the Wall” began in the fall of 2014


The main evidence in criminal proceedings on the fact of embezzlement of state funds allocated for implementation of the project “the Wall” on the Ukrainian-Russian border, are examinations which was conducted with violations. On 13 June, said the State border service of Ukraine.

The Ministry said that within the competence of SBS have collaborated with the bodies of preliminary investigation and provided all necessary information.

“At the same time, as the message on suspicion, the approval of pre-trial investigation body are not supported by any proper evidence,” – said the press service.

In the gpsu said that the findings of the reports of suspicion refuted by a range of evidence available to the defense.

“For example, the main evidence in criminal proceedings, which allegedly justify damages under part 5 article 191 (assignment, waste of property or taking to them by abuse of official position) the Criminal code of Ukraine, are examination. However, they were held with significant violations. Regarding misuse of budget funds, this criminal offence according to the notification of suspicion, again, is justified by the conclusions it is judicial-economic examinations of the re-undertaken by order of the investigating judge,” – told the Agency.

The press service noted that the examination findings refuted the decisions of administrative courts of first and appellate instances, as well as a number of other examinations conducted by various expert agencies.

In case the fault of the servicemen of SBS will be installed, they will be responsible in accordance with applicable law, stressed in gpsu.

Implementation of the project “the Wall” began in the fall of 2014. Initially it was planned to spend on it 8 billion UAH to complete construction by 2018. Later the cost of the “Wall” has reduced two times, and the deadline for the construction was postponed to 2020.

In April 2018, the head of the gpsu Peter Cigital reported that in the Kharkiv region is the implementation of the project “the Wall” is almost finished, is to equip a large part of Luhansk, Sumy and Chernihiv regions.

From March 2016 the NAB led the pre-trial investigation regarding the construction of the Wall. Last, the eighth, the suspect was arrested by detectives in November 2017.

13 June 2019 prosecutors Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office sent to court the indictment on charges of embezzlement of public funds allocated for the implementation of the “Wall”. According to investigators, the three officials of the state border service of Ukraine, three Directors of contractors and two brokers caused losses to the state totaling 16 688 496,31 UAH.

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