On the first day of the new Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine received the new composition of the Cabinet of Ministers headed by Alexey Goncharuk. This government is much smaller than the previous one — the 17 members of the Cabinet to 25, the Cabinet of Ministers Volodymyr hroysman. Functions of several ministries were merged, also instead of the six Deputy Prime Ministers will have only two.

This government looks much younger than the past, but the two men retained their seats: the Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova and the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. This is just exactly coincided with the forecast, which on the eve of the vote gave the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

According to RBC-Ukraine, the President’s Office played a decisive role in the selection of cadres in the new government, the candidates are interviewed personally by Vladimir Zelensky.

For the new Cabinet voted only representatives of the “public Servants” and Deputy group “For the future”, and also some independent, four opposition factions have not given a single vote. About who became part of the new government — in the material of RBC-Ukraine.

Alexey Goncharuk, the Prime Minister

35-year-old Goncharuk became the youngest Prime Minister in the history of Ukraine. He was a professional lawyer, co-founder of “Constructive Lawyers”. Elections 2014 topped the list of the party “people’s Force”, which received only 0.1% of the vote. In the second post-revolutionary Cabinet, he became adviser to the controversial environment Minister Igor Shevchenko.

Alexey Goncharuk. Photo: Reuters

In 2015 Goncharuk became the head of the BRDO — Office of effective regulation designed to improve the quality of governance. To establish this structure and get under it Western Finance Goncharuk helped the ex-Minister of economy aivaras Abromavicius. Some new members of the government are also the people from BRDO.

In 2018 Goncharuk was one of the founders of the liberal project “People matter”, which was abolished before the early elections to the Parliament.

By the time the future Prime Minister worked as a Deputy head of the Office of the President Zelensky Andrey Bogdan. According to unofficial information, with Bogdan introduced the newly appointed Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Dmitry Dubilet. Goncharuk quickly worked with the head of the OP, that Bogdan is considered the main lobbyist Goncharuk for Premiership.

Arsen Avakov, Minister of internal Affairs

Avakov is one of two members of the previous Cabinet, remaining in his post. The post of interior Minister Avakov is a stretch even in the winter of 2014. His potential appointment to the Cabinet Goncharuk was the most conflicting issue in the formation of the government.

Arsen Avakov. Photo: mvs.gov.ua

While activists on Wednesday evening held a protest against Avakov under the office of the President, his candidacy was vigorously discussed at the meeting of the faction “people’s Servants”. According to RBC-Ukraine, against his nomination was made by much of the deputies of the presidential power, citing the ambiguous reputation Avakov and the fact that it by default belongs to the “old faces” in power. There was also a proposal to vote for its candidate separately from the General list of Ministers made the new Prime Minister.

In response to the President’s office and personally Zelensky was convinced his deputies that in addition to Avakov, at the moment there is no other candidate for the post of interior Minister, which could handle this huge power structure. The proposal to hold a separate vote for Avakov was also rejected.

As told journalists the head of fraction of SN David Arakhamiya, the preservation Avakov on the post due to “national security” and alleged he will be a “transitional Minister” for a period of approximately six months “under the personal responsibility of the President.” But, according to the publication, alternative candidates for Minister of internal Affairs in the Office of the President and “the Servant of the people” are seriously not even looking for.

Oksana Markarova, the Minister of Finance

The Finance Minister in the new government became Oksana Markarova. The Cabinet of Ministers Volodymyr Groysman she held a similar position since November of last year, but actually led by the Ministry of Finance in June, when the Parliament dismissed Alexander Danilyuk, the current Secretary of the NSDC.

The Ministry works with Markarova 2015. The fact that it remains in the government, simplifies the new Prime Minister and the President at least two tasks — negotiations with the International monetary Fund and the adoption of the state budget for next year. The new Minister clearly would be difficult to delve into these questions, while Markarova familiar to Western creditors.

Markarova called close to Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, and many expect that she will go to early elections to the Rada on the list of the party “Ukrainian strategy”. But, according to RBC-Ukraine, shortly after the presidential election, she found a common language with the team Zelenskiy, which is, as assure the sources, allegedly received a guarantee of continuation of his career in government. That is why in the President’s Office has not considered other candidates for a position in the Ministry of Finance.

Alexey Orzhel, Minister of energy and environment

The head of the joint Department of energy and environment became the 16th number from the list of “public Servants” Alexey Orzhel. In his profile on the party website says that Orgel worked in the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the energy sector, and in 2014 — in business.

In addition, until recently, was the head of the Ukrainian Association of renewable energy, co-founder of which is the Kiev businessman Igor Tynna. Orgel also worked in the Office of effective regulation (BRDO) where he oversaw the theme of “green energy”, under the leadership of newly minted Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk.

But, according to RBC-Ukraine, until recently, Goncharuk was planning to make on the position of the head of the energy Ministry Vsevolod Kovalchuk, acting head of the company “Ukrenergo”. “The candidacy of Oriela appeared in less than a day before the appointment. Goncharuk changed his mind under the influence of the OP and the President”, — told the interlocutor familiar with a course of selection of candidates to the government.

Vadim pristayko, the Minister of foreign Affairs

Vadim Pristayko. Photo: Vitaly Khanin, RBC-Ukraine

Vadim pristayko from 1997 consistently climbed the ladder of the diplomatic service, starting with the head of the Department of Asia the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Pristayko also worked as a Deputy head of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission in the United States, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Canada, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Pavel Klimkin. And because in some measure it can also be considered representative of the old regime. In 2017, he became head of mission of Ukraine to NATO. And after the victory Zelensky Pristayko was appointed Deputy head of President’s Office.

Pristayko was originally the only candidate for the post of foreign Minister from Zelensky, but was not appointed because in the last convocation of the Verkhovna Rada did not have enough votes even for the dismissal of his predecessor.

Dmitry Kuleba, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for European and Euro-Atlantic integration

Kuleba is another career diplomat in the new Cabinet. Since 2003 worked in the structure of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, also in the mission of Ukraine to the OSCE. After the revolution of dignity became the Ambassador-at-large, 2016 — representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe. Kuleba is actively engaged in information warfare and counter-fakes, this year presented his book on the subject.

Andriy Zagorodnyuk, Minister of defense

Zagorodnyuk entrepreneur in the oil industry with the diploma of the University of Oxford. His company, Discovery Drilling Equipment supplies drilling rigs to various countries of the world, according to its official website, they are used in Russia.

Andriy Zagorodnyuk. Photo: Vitaly Khanin, RBC-Ukraine

From 2015 to 2017 as part of the so-called “volunteer landing”, which includes the current head of the faction of SN David Arakhamiya, Zagorodnyuk was the head of the project office of reforms at the Ministry of defence. In parallel with other volunteers, he supplied the stove and of anti shaped-charge screens for fighters ATO. After winning the election Zelensky Zagorodnyuk became his adviser after a member of the Supervisory Board of “Ukroboronprom”.

According to arakhamiya, at first Zagorodnykh will help former head of the defense Ministry Stepan Poltorak, obviously, as a counselor.

Tymofiy mylovanov, Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture

The main economy in Ukraine will be Tymofiy mylovanov. He was appointed head of the combined Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture, abolishing the Ministry of agrarian policy and food. By and large, the updated Ministry will become much more influential Agency, adopting under his control not only the policy in the agrarian sphere, but subordinate to the Agriculture enterprises. Moreover, now the new Agency will be responsible for carrying out such unpopular among the population land reform.

Tymofiy Mylovanov. Photo: facebook.com KyivSchoolOfEconomics

In Ukraine Milovanova reputation experienced economist with a Pro-Western liberal views. He is the honorary President of the Kyiv school of Economics, but lately more known to the public as a lecturer for members of the “public Servants” in Truskavets. In addition, he still remains the Deputy head of the NBU Council is the controlling authority in the national Bank.

Mikhail Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine — Minister of digital transformation

28-year-old IT entrepreneur Fedorov, obviously, became the youngest Cabinet member in the history of Ukraine. In the campaign headquarters Zelensky he was head of digital-direction, and successful social media campaign eventually became a factor in his convincing victory.

Mikhail Fedorov. Photo: president.gov.ua

After the election he became an adviser Zelensky, thus told the journalists that is not going to go into professional politics. While Fedorov in 2014 ran for Parliament on the lists of knowingly failing party “5.10”, in this election got the sixth number in the list of “public Servants”.

Vladislav Crickley, Minister of infrastructure

Crickley came into power in 2014, becoming the adviser to the interior Minister Arsen Avakov. After he was engaged in the liquidation of the state traffic Inspectorate, in 2015, led the main service center of the Ministry of interior and was involved in the development of a network of these centres across Ukraine.

Vladislav Crickley. Photo: facebook.com vladyslav.kryklii

Sources of RBC-Ukraine called Cricle candidate for the post of head of the infrastructure Committee in the current convocation of the Rada, but in the end he will deal with the topic as the relevant Minister.

Alyona Babak, Minister of community development and territories

Babak — the only Deputy of the previous convocation of the Parliament, who held a post in the new government. In Parliament of last convocation it was on the list of “Self help”, was Deputy head of Committee on Affairs of construction and housing.

Alyona Babak. Photo: samopomich.ua

In 2017, Babak decided to fold the mandate of the Deputy, but Parliament for this decision and did not vote. In the last parliamentary elections, it was not accepted.

Anna Novosad, Minister of education and science

Novosad — another young Minister in the new government, she has recently turned 29 years old. In Ministry, it came immediately after the revolution of dignity, was a counselor of ex-Minister Serhiy Kvit, after he headed the Directorate of strategic planning and European integration Ministry.

Anna Novosad. Photo: facebook.com anja.novosad

Obviously, in her new position, she will continue the policy of its predecessor Lily Grinevich who in your Facebook already praised the appointment and promised Novosad their support.

Zoryana Skaletska (Chernenko), the Minister of health

The intrigue with appointment of the new Minister of health was preserved until the last day. Originally this post was planned to appoint the head of the National health service Oleg Petrenko, but he refused the post.

Media reported that instead considered the candidacy of ex-Governor of Odessa oblast Maksim Stepanov, but in the end the Minister was Zoryana Skaletska (Chernenko), the former wife of former people’s Deputy from BPP Alexander Chernenko.

A lawyer by education Skaletskaya was the expert, “Reanimation package of reforms” on issues of medical reform, and generally supported the course Ulyana Suprun. It provoked one of the biggest scandals of the first day of Parliament — MP from SN and founder of the clinic “Boris” Michael radutsky, who also was intended as head of the Ministry of health, in correspondence Skaletsky called “man”.

Vladimir Borodyansky, Minister of culture, youth and sports

Experienced media Manager and a longtime leader belonging to the oligarch Viktor Pinchuk, STB Vladimir Borodyansky left television in December 2018, at the end of July was appointed an Advisor to Zelensky.

Vladimir Borodyansky. Photo: facebook.com borodyanskiy

The implication was that he can lead a “humanitarian” Ministry which would unite functions of the Ministry of culture, RT Ministry of youth and sports and the Ministry of information policy. But in the end Borodyansky will deal only with questions of culture, youth and sports. Earlier Borodyansky has publicly supported the ban on broadcasting in Ukraine, Russian cultural product.

Oksana Kolyada, Minister of veterans Affairs, the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons

Oksana Kolyada. Photo: facebook.com

In the structure of the new Cabinet will be merged with the Ministry for the occupied territories and the Ministry for issues of veterans. The elimination of the latter had sparked protests in the veterans ‘ community. The combined Ministry was headed by Oksana Kolyada, which before the war made a career in the interior Ministry. In 2015 moved to the Ministry of defense, headed there, the office of communication, he served in the armed forces and for three months was Deputy commander of the ATU. In March this year, Carol was the Deputy head of the newly established Ministry veterans.

Yulia Sokolov, Minister of social policy

Instead of Andriy Reva, the head of the Ministry of social policy will be Yulia Sokolovskaya, about which very little public information. Three years ago she held the position of Director of the Department of expenditure of the social budget of the Ministry of Finance, after which he headed the Department of strategic planning and coordination of the state policy of the Cabinet Secretariat.

Julia Sokolowski. Photo: facebook.comgovcommsschoo

By the way, if the names of many candidates for the Ministers was known if not for a few weeks, at least a few days before the appointment, while her name was in the media only for a matter of hours before the vote in Parliament. However, according to RBC-Ukraine, her appointment was not spontaneous.

In the Ministry it comes with his five-man team that will probably become her deputies. According to interlocutors of RBC-Ukraine in SN, Sokolowski has worked in strategic groups together with the members of “Servants of the people” and allegedly has specific plans to reform social spending.

Dmitry Dubilet, the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers

Minister of the Cabinet was Dmitry Dubilet, PrivatBank IT-Directors to its nationalization. His father Alexander Dubilet was the head of the management Board in the financial institution when the Bank was owned by Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov.

Dmitry Dubilet. Photo: facebook.com dubilet

Working in business Dubilet in 2015 was also involved in the development of the portal e-government services iGov. After leaving PrivatBank’s Dubilet, Jr., among others, co-founded the “mobile Bank” monobank along with ex-top Manager of “Private” Oleg Gorokhovsky. And the last few months he was an adviser to the acting head of SBU Ivan Bakanova.

As explained by the Dubilet, the SBU, he was “invited to participate in several projects to combat corruption in Ukraine”. Thus then he claims that he “went into politics” and continues to monobank.

Maluska Denis, Minister of justice

The Minister of justice was Denis Malyuska — another native of “public Servants”. He also worked with Goncharuk in the framework of the BRDO. On the website “public Servants” is listed as an expert in the field of business regulation, litigation and public administration. He has a law degree gained at the University of London.

From his official biography Maluski known that he worked for the world Bank group/International Finance Corporation, has provided technical assistance to governments in Ukraine, Belarus and Central Asian countries.