Photo: still from the video the Chick of a peacock spreading its tail

A bird with a fledgling’s tail was shot on video. The chick is trying hard to impress the viewer with its appearance.

A Reddit user with the nickname @TheBubbaJoe published a video that shows the chick of a peacock. The bird has not yet fledged tail, but she still tries to impress the viewer, dissolving it.

The girl filming the video, can’t contain his laughter, looking at the chick. In the comments some subscribers have admitted that and wonder how to look young peacock.

“I can’t believe I lived to be 30 years, but I saw the chick of a peacock just now,” said one of them. Another also added that chick peacock looks like a miniature ostrich.

Earlier it was reported that the Network showed video of people walking through the Park in boots chick flamingos.

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