According to the respondents in Moscow of respondents, the winner of the “elections – 2018” predefined

Russian independent journalist and video blogger Sasha Sotnik, who previously asked the Muscovites, “to whom they complained to Putin”, published on its YouTube channel Sotnik-TV a new poll among Russians.


  • The Muscovites: “the oligarchs do not throw”

“According to respondents in Moscow of respondents, the winner of the “elections – 2018” is predetermined. The representatives of the electorate don’t even want to meet in the programs of candidates, considering the event on March 18 profanity. Be sceptical about “election” is not able to even drown out the TV”, – the journalist notes in the description of the video.

Earlier we wrote that according to the statement by President Putin: “Some mysterious forces gather, the biomaterial of the Russians, with an unknown, but certainly insidious intent.” To the question about what are these forces and what they need biomaterials Russians, Muscovites have responded in different ways, come together in only one: “the Enemy does not sleep, but he’s not terrible, because Russian do not surrender, do not sell biomaterialia“, – said the Centurion.

Also , the Russians stated that the contract with the government expired.

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