After connecting, the potato acts as a voice assistant much like Siri or Alexa.

Potato French startup introduced at CES 2020 unusual gadget: a special interface to “communicate” with potatoes. The device is installed in any tuber of sufficient size and regardless of the number of buds on it. Power for the device receives from the potatoes and does not require additional sources of energy, writes

Wiser “bulb” connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, after which it is possible to “communicate”. A small fee is attached to a metal blade — it to stick a device in the potatoes would be child’s play, says the video about an innovative product. Potato then decodes the “language” of the potato and passes it to a smartphone.

After connecting, the potato acts as a voice assistant “like Siri, or Alexa,” says the inventor.

Then he adds casually: the history of potatoes is a way to draw attention to his real project to develop artificial intelligence and big data.

To buy the device for $29, but website startup available.

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