A week before the planned withdrawal of Britain from the European Union the fate of the “breccia” and the United Kingdom remains in limbo. EU leaders on Thursday agreed to give Britain a reprieve or before may 22, or only until 12 April — depending on whether the British Parliament the agreement on withdrawal from the EU. And it is absolutely not guaranteed.

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Later on Thursday evening, after hours of debate, the leaders of 27 EU countries approved the draft decision, which to some extent — but not completely — insures Britain and the EU from sudden rupture without relations are settled, or at least postpones it for a few weeks.

EU leaders have decided that if next week the British Parliament did take them twice rejected the draft agreement on withdrawal from the EU, then the output will be delayed until may 22 .

If the House of Commons again rejected a draft agreement, Britain has until April 12 to decide and inform the Union that she was going to do next.

“To this date, all options will be open and the precipitous breaksit will be delayed”, — told reporters the President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

“At this point we either go without an agreement, or will have to offer an alternative plan” — described the value of this date at his separate press conference, Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may.

April 12 kicks off the campaign for elections to the European Parliament and the European Union to this point it is important to know that it will stay in Britain for a long time — and will take part in the elections, or still gone.

Britain were to leave the European Union on 29 March. However, on Wednesday Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa may, formally asked the EU for a continuance until June 30.

The delay was needed because the British Parliament had twice rejected the draft agreement on the release drafted by the government, Theresa may and Brussels.

The EU, however, decided to give a shorter delay, furnish by its terms.

However, it is unclear whether the delay — the adoption by the House of Commons of the draft agreement on withdrawal.

What if you do not vote?

The project was twice rejected by the House of Commons with a landslide of votes, and no tangible signs that the third time he attains majority, yet.

In the absence of any other default judgment remained in force the variant in which Britain March 29 out of the EU without an agreement, that is, no settled relations with the Union, in which she was 46 years old.

“In the event of a negative outcome of the vote in Britain we go in the direction of exit without an agreement. We all know that. In those days, and moments, it is important to talk about it directly” — said the President of France Emmanuel macron on Thursday before the summit.

However, the majority of EU leaders would like to avoid “hard breccia”. German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday, before heading to the summit, said it would be “until the last day, to the last hour” to fight against such an outcome.

Now, thanks to the decision of EU leaders on March 29 “hard brakcet” almost certainly will not take place, and whether it will be after April 12, depends on what happens in Parliament and the British government.

Repulsive speech

Meanwhile Theresa may, according to many British politicians and commentators, the very eve of the summit has reduced the chances of success in the House of Commons.

Mei made a short appeal to the people, the meaning of which was that the Parliament should finally make the decision.

But it may fully blamed for the critical situation with the “brexton” to the Parliament and besides, the feelings of many of her opponents, opposed the people and from one side to the Parliament on the other.

This angered opponents may, and both supporters and opponents of withdrawal from the EU from both major parties.

“Democracy will be the loser when the Prime Minister first opposes the House of Commons, and then accuses MPs who are just doing their job. It distracts from the deferral of exit from the EU, all part of its strategy to delaying the time to the exclusion of all other options. It is dangerous”, — wrote in the microblog member of the same party may, MP tori Sam Jim.

In the end, as suggested by British observers, and the already slim chances may win over to their side the necessary number of deputies visibly reduced.

“Before she tried to find a middle way, but now, instead of having to bring two sides to him, she pushed past them,” he said on Thursday in broadcast bi-Bi-si columnist for the Telegraph Deer Chakravati working in Westminster.

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“Alternative travel” Corbin

The chances of adoption by the House of Commons of the agreement on output is unclear also because the government have not yet explained how it intends to overcome the ban of the speaker of the house of Commons John bercow re-submit for a vote the document unchanged.

Changed he will not be there: the EU the draft decision of the summit once again stressed that negotiations on a new agreement on the output lead is not intended.

The leader of the opposition labour party Jeremy Corbyn also came to Brussels and met with the head of the EU delegation in the negotiations with Britain Michel Barnier, the chief of staff of the European Commission Martin Celmira.

According to Corbin, he conveyed to interlocutors the proposals of the labour party as to the form of the “breccia”.

“We are determined to find a form of agreement which eliminated out of the agreement and provide constructive relations with the European Union in the future,” said Corbin told reporters.

Details on their proposals the labour leader did not speak, saying only that next week will offer them to the Parliament. The leadership of the labour party are not against “broksita”, but in favor of maintaining closer ties with the EU, rather than offers Theresa may.

Jyri Vendik
Russian service Bi-bi-si