The government of India demanded that Pakistan was liberated and returned to the home of the pilot of a military plane shot down by Pakistani air force.

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Both countries are nuclear powers. Relations between them worsened once again because of the status of Kashmir.

The information Ministry of Pakistan released a video of captured pilot. In the video, his eyes blindfolded and his face covered with blood.

India called it “a vulgar demonstration of a wounded soldier”.

Many civilian airports in the North of India are now closed, flights redirected to other airfields.

What happened?

On the morning of Wednesday the representative of the Pakistan armed forces, major General Asif ghafoor said that over the territory of Kashmir controlled by the Pakistani authorities, was shot down two aircraft of the Indian air force.

According to him, one crashed in Pakistani Kashmir, and the other crashed on the Indian side .

“One Indian pilot arrested by the military [after the ejection], two more are in the area of the fall [of the aircraft],” added the General. He later said that detained two pilots: one taken to hospital, another is in custody.

India confirmed the loss of one MiG-21 and stated that its pilot was missing.

The foreign Ministry stated that Pakistan has used its military aircraft to attack military installations on the Indian side. Later it was confirmed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

“Thanks to our high level of alert and vigilance on attempts of Pakistan has been broken,” the statement says. It also States that in a dogfight the Indian MiG-21 shot down a fighter jet of the Pakistan air force and the Indian air force lost a MiG-21.

Islamabad the loss of the aircraft denies.

Earlier, Indian media reported shot down Pakistani military aircraft. As reported by ANI, was shot down by F-16 fighter jet that crossed the demarcation line that separates the India-controlled portion of Kashmir from the part under the control of Pakistan.

What happened to the pilot?

Indian authorities originally said that the pilot named Abhinandan missing.

Then the Internet appeared the video of how he was captured in Pakistan. Many have criticized the fact that, apparently, he tried to beat the locals. Others praise the Pakistani military that they protect the pilot had ejected from the fury of the crowd.

The Ministry of information of Pakistan unveiled on the Internet a video Abhinandana with a blindfold and asking for water. Soon the video was removed.

Photo: Myanmar Information Ministry

Then in social networks there were shots of Indian pilot, where he drinks tea, blindfolds, he is no more, and he obviously washed his face.

In the video he answers a number of questions and calls his name, his rank and says he is from the South of India, after which he refuses to answer questions about his job. “I don’t have to tell you that,” said the Indian pilot.

Press Secretary of the Pakistani army, major General Asif ghafoor said that the Indian pilot treated according to the norms of military ethics.

He also said that the pilot is a prisoner of the Pakistani army. Earlier, the representatives of Pakistan talked about the two captured pilots, one of which was sent to the hospital.

Pakistan doesn’t explain why now it is only a single pilot.

On Wednesday the United States urged India and Pakistan to refrain from further military action. Washington also emphasized that efforts to de-escalate the conflict between the two countries.

The background

On the eve of India reported that launched air strikes on militant camps in the Pakistani part of the border region of Kashmir.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan reiterated on Wednesday his country carried out air strikes on facilities in India-controlled part of Kashmir. Previously, it was stated by the Indian foreign Ministry.

In a televised address on Wednesday, Imran Khan warned that further escalation is very dangerous. “If we allow this to happen, and I, and [Indian Prime Minister] Narendra modi will lose control of the situation,” he said.

“The purpose of our actions — just to show them that we are also able to invade their territory, they have invaded our”, — said the politician.

Appeals to the world

“History teaches us that all wars last longer than expect leaders. The last war lasted so long because of a miscalculation. I ask India: considering what we have and you now have a weapon — can we afford to be wrong?” added Khan.

Pakistan has offered India help in investigating an attack on a convoy in the town of Pulwama, which began with the escalation. The victims of the attack, which occurred on February 14, are 46 Indian troops.

The head of the Indian foreign Minister Shushma Swaraj, who is in Beijing for talks with the foreign Ministers of China and Russia, said that India will act responsibly and with restraint. Prime Minister Narendra modi has not yet commented on the situation.

For the first time since 1971

On the eve of the Indian air force for first time in over 40 years has caused the air strikes on the territory of Kashmir controlled by Pakistan. The purpose was declared to be “the largest camp” militant group “Jaish-e-Muhammad (Army of Muhammad”). The group has claimed responsibility for the explosion on February 14 in Indian-administered Kashmir, which killed 46 Indian troops.

“It eliminated a large number of terrorists, instructors and senior commanders who were preparing for combat operations”, — said yesterday the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of India Vijay Gokhale. In turn, Pakistani authorities insisted that the airstrike there were neither victims nor destructions.

According to the version of the Indian side, strikes by woodland near the city Balakot.

It was the first airstrike, applied across the line of control after the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971.

Line of control refers to the de facto border between India-controlled part of Kashmir and the part controlled by Pakistan. It is located in hard to reach places.

In the beginning of last week Pakistan and India were on the brink of military conflict after the Indian military clashed with insurgents while searching for suspects in the attack on a military patrol in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

February 14, a suicide bomber blew up an Indian convoy. Victims of the attack were 46 Indian troops.

Responsibility for the attack was claimed by Pakistan-based group “Jaish-e-Muhammad”. The group seeking separation of the state from India and attack Pakistan territory. While it is banned in Pakistan (UN, India, USA and UK as a terrorist), however, continues to operate under other names.