In the Western regions the wind bore the roofs of the houses

The storm continues to attack Ukraine: flooded homes, destroyed roofs, broken trees. Under forecasts of weather forecasters, deterioration of weather conditions throughout Ukraine is gaining momentum.

In particular, in Dnipropetrovsk the weather raged in Kamenskoye, Cover, Marganets and Nikopol. No light left 230 settlements of the region. And in Petrykivka broken electric wires from the shock it killed a man. In the Dnieper river rose this storm fell one hundred and fifty trees, six of them on cars.

Also due to heavy rains the water had gone a few streets of Chernihiv: flooded Parking lot, the car completely in the water, all the roads flooded. On some routes stopped the movement of public transport. Also some residents had to be evacuated: the city impounded ninety private farms.

No better was the situation in Western Ukraine: there flooded hundreds of homes. Heavy wind for a few seconds pulled down the roof. Flooded the route of the state value Mykolaiv – Zhydachiv – Kalush.

Forecasters warn that in the coming days colder, the element will gain momentum.

Earlier we wrote that from-for bad weather in the country is de-energized for about 400 settlements.

Earlier, in the town of Balta of Odessa region, hail the size of cherries, and the downtown became a lake.

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