Sergey Semenov finished 24th in the sprint in Nove mesto.

Friday, March 6, in the Czech Nove mesto within the framework of the seventh stage of the biathlon world Cup was held men’s sprint.

Among the Ukrainians showed the best result Sergey Semenov, fischerova 24-M. He commented on his result and thanked the fans who supported, despite the fact that the stage takes place without spectators.

“I want to say thank you to our fans, who still escaped, standing there, near the fence, in a very difficult point of the route and is strongly supported. Huge thanks to them! Very helpful! In fact, after the start of the race the grandstands are void is not felt. That’s when he left after the warm-up in the starting town – Yes, it was awfully quiet and strange!

How did you feel? It is difficult to say. Today the track is slow and heavy – perhaps it even played on my hand. In such circumstances, it is easier for me to deal with rivals.

Two penalties? I can’t tell yet, it is necessary for Juraj to ask. For me, these two penalties also were a surprise. The last two days were the difficulties at the front, but maturation was given without any problems. Yes, and zeroing went well today,” said Semenov.

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