The Mako shark is capable of speeds up to 60 km/h and jump out of the water at 6 meters in height

In the water the person has no chance. Photo: pixabay

The Mako shark is a carnivorous ocean Sprinter. It is capable of speeds up to 60 km/h and jump out of the water 6 meters in height, which leaves no victim no chance of survival. Scientists from Harvard University have discovered that the secret of its high-speed sprint is covered in tiny indent the skin.
It gear shark skin at the same time increases lift and reduces water resistance.

Although the shark skin appears smooth, it actually covered in tiny scales-teeth. Physicists and biologists for a long time wondering how such skin is able to reduce water resistance.

It turned out that the gear scales to actually increase the so-called normal force (lifting force), which counteracts the force of gravity.
Scientists from Harvard with a 3D printer created a model of serrated scales and tested them akademicheskie properties in the water flow.

Scientists have named the shark scales “generators vortex flow” or dynamic divider, which often set on the roof of the car to improve aerodynamics. Physicists have found that the shark “divider” increases lift at 323%.

In application to human-made machines, especially spacecraft, this invention could reduce fuel consumption.