Klimovich – the Ryaboshapka here: You have appointed them, beating all the legal procedures

Screenshot: TSN / YouTube

The head of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan Ryaboshapka illegally appointed his deputies and the head of the General inspection. About it Galina Klimovich, who was the senior investigator of the GPU for particularly important cases in 2003 and 2010, said in the program “Right to Vlad,” on the channel “1+1” September 12.

According to her, riaboshapka has violated the requirements of the law of Ukraine “On Prosecutor’s office”, assigning his first Deputy Vitaliy KASKO, the chief military Prosecutor, Viktor Chumak, and Ilkin Sadagat nurullayeva oglu – head of the General Inspectorate of the GPU.

“I have reason to believe that you, Ruslan Georgievich, illegally appointed his deputies and the head of the General inspection. You have appointed them, bypassing all legal procedures,” she said, referring to the attorney General, who was also present in the Studio.

Klimovich said that under the current law “On Prosecutor’s office” on an administrative position in the GPU, “as the Deputy attorney General” may only be assigned to the Prosecutor.

“Ruslan Georgievich could not circumvent this rule, so 4 Sep it for a few hours KASKO was appointed to the post of Prosecutor Jaroslava Fly, which is now on maternity leave. On the second day he was appointed. Likewise held the appointment of Ilkin Sadagat oglu nurullayeva as the head of the General Inspectorate of the GPU. All like anything, if these gentlemen held a competition in the Prosecutor’s office. As far as I know, they were not,” said Klimovich.

She noted that Chumak also had to go through the procedure of appointment of the Prosecutor before becoming chief military Prosecutor.

“This is a very serious procedure. If so, how are you different from its predecessors, who for three hours had written, adopted and published the law on appointment of Yuriy Lutsenko to the post of head of the GPU?” – said Klimovich.

Ryaboshapka said that for appointment to the post of the Prosecutor of the GPU competition is not needed.

However, Klimovich said that article 34, article 35 and article 37 of the law On Prosecutor’s office provides for the completion of the contest.

Ryaboshapka appointed Chumak chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine September 12, KASKO – September 5, nurullayeva on September 13.