Photo: Boy on the run spent eight hours under the body of a car

Nine-year-old boy eight hours was driving under body of the car to escape from my grandmother.

In China, the child to escape from the house, clung to the rear axle of an 18-wheel trucks. This was reported edition of South China Morning Post.

The fugitive was found only after eight hours, when the car driver arrived at the destination. All this time the child held under the body, breaking about a thousand kilometers.

The boy spent eight hours under the body of a car (photo:

The child refused to get out, and when he pulled it out from under the car, didn’t want to talk to the police. The cops began looking for the parents of fugitive, sending photos to the media. Police contacted the child’s teacher, and later the boy called the name of the father and his phone.

The boy spent eight hours under the body of a car (photo:

It turned out that the boy’s parents are divorced and while the father earns money in the city, he lives with his grandmother in the village.

Earlier in India a monkey took hostage of the child Reporter wrote that the Indonesian 15 years, kept in the cave by a local shaman.

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