Plans made by only 50%.

“Roscosmos” has not complied with 45 starts, mainly because of the unwillingness of the spacecraft company OneWeb and the Ministry of defense, said the General Director of the Russian Corporation Dmitry Rogozin, commenting on the statement by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov that this year’s space launch program of Russia made “slightly more than 50 percent.” About it reports TASS.

Rogozin explained that the reduction in the number of launches is also to shift the launches of a number of spacecraft in the interests of the defense Ministry. The unavailability of satellites agencies due to the strict US sanctions on the supply of resistant to cosmic radiation circuits class Space, explained the Director of the Corporation.

The third reason is the difficulties in the organization of work. Rogozin said that they did not appear recently, but in the recent years. In particular, this year to the ISS failed to launch laboratory module “Science”, because it required additional testing of fuel tanks.

If you are willing satellites of the defense Ministry and OneWeb in 2019 to perform 43-44 launch of Russian space rockets. “The problem and the willingness of our partners to supply products in the market — startups that have gone into the hands of foreign competitors”, — said Rogozin.