Press Secretary of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov said that preparations for the Normandy summit slows down due to the fact that “changing the initial position of one of the parties.” Putin aide Yuri Ushakov said: “Special promotion in the context of the preparations of the summit “channel format” is not observed, although the desire to hold such a meeting all sides have. The summit should address the implementation of the agreements and not the desire of Kiev to revise them.”

Whether Putin intends to participate in the Normandy format? To answer this question, I would just read back said Peskov. The meeting in the Normandy format is not deposited because some of the parties change their positions, but because one of the parties does not want to change their positions.

The position of the Russian administration for the last 3-4 years due to the fact what we call a hybrid war, remains absolutely unchanged. The only change, in my opinion, have occurred since the Minsk agreements, first and second, and channel format, and all the rest – the proposal of the President of Russia on the use of peacekeeping forces on the contact line of the warring parties.

No more changes were made.

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But it is strange to go to any talks, obviously determining position. Why then negotiate? The negotiations in this case, it is simply not needed.

If you have a position you are not going to revise under any circumstances, then you do not need to negotiate. It’s pointless.

Vladimir Putin

Therefore, on this question, I answer unequivocally: young Ukrainian politics, a new team came to power, of course, correct to say that they can not and do not have the right to cross a certain red line, that is, to accept conditions that would violate the Constitution of Ukraine.

But despite a very strong push in the country, they opened the door and said that they are ready to meet for talks to discuss ways of resolving this very dangerous and very painful for many people conflict.

From the Russian side on this, no replies followed, except for one thing: is the Minsk agreement, let them perform.

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But in the Minsk agreement contains several items. And Russia says not so much about those positions but rather on the sequence of their execution. That is, there is obviously exhibited certain conditions, which, in my opinion, the Ukrainian side will be unable to.

I think that the position of the Ukrainian leadership is correct. They are absolutely right to say that they are open for talks within the framework of national interests and laws of his country. If the other side believes that there is only one point of view – their and the second is incorrect, the negotiations do become meaningless.

And you really decide who hinders the negotiations.

I think there is a diplomatic game. All the experts, all observers clearly what goals the Russian administration in this conflict.

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This objective is very simple. It consists in the fact that to obstruct Ukraine moving in the direction in which it moves, that is, to integration with the European Union, toward a new regime of the fourth of the Ukrainian Republic, which apparently will meet the objective needs, which in Ukraine is, and this is a democratic country, this is the maximum degrees of freedom – economic and political, and so on.

Apparently, many people here in Russia don’t like it.

Therefore, all unbiased people is quite clear who stands in the way of resuming negotiations.

I think that in the near future to change the position taken by the Russian administration, will not succeed.

I don’t know will take place or not take place on the Normandy summit. Rather, I would guess that he is in this situation, when the positions of the parties will not take place. But if it does take place, then it will end, most likely, nothing.

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In my opinion, to date, least painful and least dangerous scenario, to my great regret, this frozen conflict.

Negotiations make sense only when both sides are willing to look for solutions that are tailored to the elapsed time, given the past events, taking into account the current situation could have and that and the other side. If one of the parties does not want to look for solutions, and rigidly insists on his own views, then such negotiations were meaningless.

But in any case, it is better to talk than to fight. If you do not talk, then what? So, I think we need to continue to look for opportunities to change the context. Because in the context in which this conflict takes place, positive decisions that would suit all parties, he simply has not.

Needs to be changed context. As the external context outside of Ukraine, and domestic context in Ukraine. By the way, the internal context of intense change. External, unfortunately, no.

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I have the impression that Vladimir Putin has a long-standing position, look at what he would like to see the relationship of Russia and Ukraine, and no other opinion on this relationship he does not accept.

So while Vladimir Vladimirovich President of the Russian Federation, I think, to expect any serious changes are necessary.

I think that the position taken by Ukraine’s openness for negotiations and firmness in the observance of laws of Ukraine, national interests – this is the right position. But life is more complicated.

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