Karpaty are in the minority, managed to escape from defeat in the match with PFC lions.

Ear for the first time scored points in the second part of the Premier League, beating Alexandria 2:1. In the first half, scored a brace Lysenko, that Alexandria was able to answer only one goal Kovalets in the second half.

Ear — Alexandria 2:1
Goals: Lysenko, 20, 29 — Kovalets, 47

Spike: Volynets — Zozulya, Gavrish (Paramonov, 46), Maksimenko (Head, 59), Yemets — Bogdanov, Milko — Illin (Morozko, 7, D. Kostyshin, 72), Meek Wilhemsson (Kozhushko, 73) — Lysenko.

Alexandria: Pankiv — Pashaev (Michenko, 69), Booze (Shendrik, 70), Dubra, Miroshnichenko (Vantukh, 30) — Kovalets, Dovgy (Gritsuk, 58), BANADA — Of Sadaraka (Fedorchuk, 46), Sitalo, Tretyakov.

Warning: Frost, Zozulya, Bogdanov — Miroshnichenko.

In a parallel match Karpaty resumed their performances in the Premier League after a draw with PFK quarantine lions. The values of this draw adds the fact that the Carpathians the entire second half was played in the minority, but managed to equalize and hold the draw.

Karpaty Lviv 1:1
Grandfather, 62 – Sabine, 36

Carpathians: Kudryk – Yakimets, Giorgidze (Tlumak, 74), Sliusar, Dubinchuk – Prytula – Tank (Hlan, 74), Owl, Hahli, Kozak (Of Runic, 58) – Boychuk (Grandfather, 58)

Lions: Sarnavskyi – Gonchar (Cradle 71), Borzenko, Bratkov, Bopes (Klimenok, 83) – Bogunov (Renan, 80), Tatarko, Sabine (Priymak, 46), Bus – Alvaro, Iacovelli

Warning: Hahli, Giorgadze, Kudryk – Bus, Bogunov

Removal: Hahli, 42

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