Shopping center of Kiev “Gorodok Gallery” (near the metro station “pochayna”) landed in the row over the showing of Nazi symbols.

So, on the Central stairs in the lobby of the shopping center, which is equipped with a special LED illumination, the unknown brought the image of the swastika, placed in a white square on a red background. A relevant video published to Facebook Christina Samkharadze (to watch a video pascalle news down).

She said that it happened on Saturday, February 16. The footage shows that in the hall many people, and the stairs go parents with children.

Novostiforbes Hitler and the swastika: in Kiev, the police found the office of the rebels under the GPU


The management of “Gorodok Gallery” reacted to the situation. Visit the shopping center to Facebook staff I apologize for the incident.

“Our computer system was broken hacking. We are not the first who has suffered from actions of malefactors. The management and staff have no relationship to information posted on the LED ladder, and in any case not support such actions. We are actively seeking individuals involved in this attack,” — said in the message.

Gorodok Gallery

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, formerly a large shopping center of the Dnipro ended up in a scandal because of the compromised machine to print photos on the screen which aired the scenes in the middle of the crowded hall.

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