In the affected areas there is a strong smoke


As of 19.00 on 1 October following a large fire in the Luhansk region killed 11 people, according to the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Previously it was known about the death of nine people.

Another 17 people were taken to hospitals with burns and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The area of the fire, roughly is more than 11 thousand hectares. 116 of the 146 fires localized and liquidated.

The investigation examines four main versions of the causes of fires:

  • the attacks by not Kiev-controlled areas of Luhansk region;
  • arson;
  • spontaneous combustion of grass and woods due to the weather conditions;
  • careless handling of fire.

Questioned 58 witnesses and victims, said the attorney General’s Office. The investigators access to the scene is limited due to the ongoing fires and heavy smoke.

September 30 in the Luhansk region was a mass of fire, forest floor and herbs. Fires recorded in Starobelsk, Stanychno-luhansky and Novoaydarsky districts and in the area of Severodonetsk.

The checkpoint of entry-departure “Stanitsa Lugansk” has suspended work.

At the headquarters of the FOS said that provoked the fire armed forces of Russia, who were firing tracer bullets. The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that is not tied to the fires with fire.