Netanyahu said that Iran is developing nuclear weapons at two secret facilities in Tehran

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel will “always and everywhere”, especially in the middle East to counter Iran.

“Israel will do everything necessary to protect itself from Iranian aggression. We will fight you in Syria, we will resist you in Lebanon, we will oppose you in Iraq, we will resist you always and everywhere in order to protect our state and our nation,” he said Thursday at a meeting of the UN General Assembly.

“Israel will never allow a regime that calls for our destruction, to develop nuclear weapons. Neither now nor ten years later – never,” said the Israeli Prime Minister.

Netanyahu said that Iran is developing nuclear weapons at two secret facilities in Tehran.

“I decided to introduce today is something that we have shared with the IAEA and a number of intelligence services. This was not said earlier in public. Today I say this first: Iran has a second secret facility in Tehran,” said Netanyahu.


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The Israeli Prime Minister gave those present a photo-certificate with a picture of two objects and said that “on the territory of the secret object is a large number of equipment and materials for Iran’s development of nuclear weapons”.

“Earlier this year, Israel uncovered the lies of Iran, in February, Israel was able to gain access to Iran’s secret archives. We got more than 100 thousand documents and videos that were stored in buildings in Central Tehran, which apparently was nothing unusual,” – said the Israeli Prime Minister.

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