Nikitiuk posed with strawberries

Photo: lesia_nikituk / Instagram

Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk was photographed Topless, covering her chest with a bowl of strawberries. The photo she posted to Instagram.


Publication of Lesya Nikityuk (@lesia_nikituk) May 21, 2018 at 4:40 PDT

Lesya Nikityuk led the program “heads and tails” together with Regina Todorenko. Earlier Andrey Bednyakov.

The format program presenters travel to different countries of the world separately from each other, after the method of a coin flip in determining who will rest with the “gold card”, and who gets $100.

She also was host of “Around M”. In format, the presenter in different countries acquainted with the local men and telling viewers about the features of their characters and morals.