Lavrov: I had an interesting thought regarding the relations of NATO and the EU


The reason for the difficulties of the European Union with migrants have become the NATO bombing in Libya. Such opinion the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov expressed on 29 June the British Channel 4 in an interview, the transcript of which was published by the website of the Russian foreign Ministry.

“I have been watching the events of the EU summit, which is being held, in particular, for discussions on migration issues. I had an interesting thought regarding the relations of NATO and the EU. Country NATO has bombed Libya, turning it into a kind of “black hole” from which flows of illegal migrants headed to Europe. And now the EU is forced to “remove” for NATO”, – he said.

The night of 29 June, EU leaders agreed to strengthen external border controls and increase funding for Turkey, Morocco and North African countries that host refugees.

Acute immigration crisis in Europe arose in connection with the fighting in the middle East and Africa. According to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk during 2015 in Europe came about 1.5 million workers.

According to the International organization for migration, in 2016, the continent moved 390,4 thousand migrants (killed or missing – 5143) in 2017 186,8 thousand (3116).

Since the beginning of 2018 came to Europe 352 54 migrants died or went missing – 972.

In 2011 the revolution in Libya overthrew the regime of Colonel Gaddafi was in power since 1969. The UN security Council approved international military action in Libya, where the uprising began against the government.