He stressed that Austria is ready to contribute to the achievement of stable peace in Donbas

AFP photo

Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz laid on Russia responsible for what is happening in the East of Ukraine and in Syria.

Kurtz stated this in Moscow at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We talked about what is possible to ease tension, remove the tension between Russia and the EU. First I used the chance to Express our expectations, not only about the state but also of international law. Discussing bilateral relations, the relations at the level of the EU and Russia, we talked about the hotbeds of crisis, for example, Eastern Ukraine, and the situation in Syria. Of course, here Russia has a great responsibility,” said Kurtz.

He stressed that the need “to do anything to stop this unbearable situation” in Syria.

The Austrian leader stressed that the issue of Ukraine was also on the agenda at the meeting with Putin.


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