1. 26 June the world celebrated UN international day in support of victims of torture. 2014 such victims were hundreds of Ukrainian citizens in the annexed Crimea.

2. Crimean Tatar activist Emine Avamileva, like Nariman, on the eve of the Day of Crimean Tatar flag received from the occupiers “warning about the inadmissibility of extremist activity”

3. The participants of the rally to the Day of Crimean Tatar flag on the road Dzhankoi-Simferopol four times per hour was stopped by the policemen of the occupation regime. During the fourth stop of the policemen conducted operational shooting. In the framework of the rally the activists were temporarily replaced the signs with names of settlements. On top of the crossed-out inscriptions in Russian secured a historic name in the Crimean Tatar

And The World Krymnasha. We teach what is bound to happen

4. Residents Biyuk-Onlar (October) and nearby villages, the occupants were not allowed to hold the rally to the Day of Crimean Tatar national flag

5. A resident of Crimea continues to acquaint us with the history of “primordially Russian” Peninsula. Today you will learn about the first capital of the Crimean khanate — Salachik, where was a Palace built by Khan Hadji Giray.

6. Ihtamnety increasingly drained land and beaches, separating new site fences. “Who doesn’t want to feed his army will feed someone else,” wrote stoned jacket (presumably, come in large numbers from ORDO), and received such answers: “blessed are those who believe” “the Army is supposed to guard the frontiers of the Motherland, and not to fence the fences on the beaches and other places of leisure of citizens”, “So come on and Yalta-Intourist and Oreanda so-called “defenders” give up?! And the people will manage somehow”, “I thought, or these degraide from top to justify the seizure of the coastal zone?”, “No, not seemed. They apparently recently a local steel. And for them it is normal”, “Bastards!!! All beaches bootimage, goats!!!”

7. Seaports in several cities of the Crimea can not provide jobs for most of its employees, said General Director of the enterprise “Crimean sea ports” Sergei Kvasov, who on June 26 was found to Kerch port. The occupier added that the ports of the Crimea is now “very difficult position”. Employees of the Kerch port was offered a job at the local steel plant, which will soon be auctioned, as it became known yesterday. I think, already sucking his paw plant workers will be very happy competition from dockers

Novostyam of nedochetov “DNR” humiliated in the occupation

8. Debts hospital in Sebastopol repay the salaries of doctors. In addition, the ongoing “reorganization” — downsizing and layoffs. Doctors howled and even complained Poklonskaya, after which they were told to “sit down and shut up”. Continue to shock the Ukraine with their success

9. The invaders closed the only University of Feodosia Financial and economic Academy, which successfully worked since 1993. Guide FFEA, joyfully met the invaders, sure: for “paid” students had eyes “Crimean Federal University”. Students are not even allowed to take final exams. “We see the closure of one of the four private universities of the Peninsula runs the full power of the Crimean administrative resources” — summed up the propaganda

Novostirussian, tighten the belt, you will find the second Vatican

10. Not a BOOM, but zilch: recently, the jackets were happy entering the Crimea by the Russian network of “BUM” store with low prices, but something went wrong: “In Sevastopol, opened its first store in mainland discounter “BOOM” — without vegetables, but with very low prices. Last weekend, the “notes” visited the market on Kamyshovskoe the bypass and came to the conclusion that the boom of low prices in the city is not going to happen. Simply because in the Boom is almost nothing to buy. If you want to buy sausages, cheese, tea, cookies, soda, or diapers, you will be offered only one manufacturer — and well, if the quality it products you something be known. It is unclear who will dare to buy cheese, the label which has no staff, no expiry date, no other provisions of the act labeling. Natural cheese in the Boom we haven’t found any. Sausage is the only brand. And, judging by the price, to trust its quality is not worth it. I’d like to try, but we must confess, did not dare to take the risk. Cat food for cats who do not mind. Home depot is also the cheapest. Trading room of a hangar. In the situation read: the buyer here is poor, so unworthy of normal maintenance man”

11. Cotton is a fascinating story about how whether the jackets themselves, or really small child 5 years ago broke up a Ukrainian passport, who then had to glue to get on the mainland Ukraine — delicious to devour, visa-free travel to do, to visit relatives, the air of freedom breathe

Novostiukraine in Ukraine

P. S. “In the Crimea stuffy, not only physically, but also mentally. Stuffy when at every step you see instead of Ukrainian flags the Russian tricolor. Stuffy, when you see a man in uniform. Whoever he was — a stranger: or moved from Russia for a warm place to sea of the Russian strongman, or someone who violated the oath, yielding to promises of a better life from those who once came to block the Ukrainian military units. Gets stuffy every time you learn about new detentions, arrests and unrealistic deadlines for Crimean Tatar activists, Muslims, the Crimean “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, citizens of Ukraine of different nationalities, accused of “terrorism” victims unfolded over the past five years in the Crimea “witch hunt”. Stuffy and anxious when on the sea horizon you can see the silhouettes of warships, not tourist liners. On the roads of the once peaceful Crimea — a column of military equipment, and in the sky carried by Russian military aircraft and helicopters. Stuffy not only to Crimeans, but also to those Russian tourists, who until 2014, I visited Crimea. They themselves admit that before feel more comfortable. They were on vacation “more soul”: from the annexation of the Peninsula by Russian tourists in Crimea did not feel the alienation, they sincerely were happy, as our dear guests. And now they are seen as invaders, to uninvited and unexpected guests, which frankly is not welcome. All these years, Crimeans are living in closeness and believe that the time will come when this is all over, and uninvited guests and their supporters to leave the Crimea. That’s when the people of Crimea finally take a deep breath. And after that, I hope, will be accepted for the cleaning and begin to tidy desecrated during the occupation of Crimea”.

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