Participants of the rally against the Prime Minister Sargsyan has blocked traffic in the center of Yerevan

Screenshot: CaucasianKnot / YouTube

The participants of the meeting on 14 April against the nomination to the post of Prime Minister of Armenia, former President of the country Serzh Sargsyan, broke into the building of Public radio of Armenia in Yerevan, reports “Interfax”.

As the correspondent of the Agency guarding the building of the Public radio the police were unable to prevent about 100 demonstrators to enter the building. One of the officers pulls out a gun, but did not apply.

According to “news Armenia”, the protesters also blocked traffic in the center of Yerevan in the square of France. The campaign against the Prime Minister Sargsyan continues for about 19 hours.

A group of demonstrators camped in one of the studios radio. The March and the actions of the demonstrators headed by the Deputy of the Armenian Parliament, head of the faction “EFC” Nikol Pashinian, who demanded a live broadcast.

Deputy Director of the Public radio Lilit Tumanyan Pashinyan said that “Public radio never in the past two years no one was denied the opportunity to speak, including live, there is a specially allotted time, but you can’t break the grid”. However, Pashinyan called this proposal unacceptable and continued to demand the immediate air, and not in the format of an interview, and format statements. Tumanyan promised to discuss the proposal Pashinyan with the leadership of Public radio.

On April 14, the Council of Republican party of Armenia adopted a decision approving Sargsyan as a candidate for Premiership.

April 9, Armenia has switched to a parliamentary form of government. The President Armen Sargsyan took the oath at a special sitting of the National Assembly and officially took office of the President.

Sargsyan – Armenia’s first President elected in Parliament. Prior to that, the President of Armenia is elected by popular vote. Armen Sargsyan, the current Prime Minister, was approved for the office of President in a secret ballot in Parliament on 1 March.

The last popularly elected President of Armenia is Serzh Sargsyan, a five-year term which expired in April. Simultaneously, entered into force amendments to the Constitution, which provide for the transition to a parliamentary form of government. After the inauguration of the new President of the country, this process is completed.

The new head of the government of Armenia will choose a Parliament on April 17.