The power of one of the most popular Italian cities are planning to limit the flow of tourists in certain areas with plenty of attractions. In the may holidays 2018 in Venice will conduct testing of the system.

Photo: Reuters

In areas most popular with tourists because of attractions located there, installed turnstiles, reports RAI

Due to the influx of tourists in some districts will be able to pass only the locals. As explained in the mayor’s office, this measure will not block access to the sites completely, and to control and direct the tourist flows to avoid large concentrations of people in certain places.

For the Central Piazza San Marco, for example, a ceiling 65 thousand people a day. The fact that the excessive concentration of people in the city, included in the list of world heritage of humanity by UNESCO, according to some experts, threatening historical monuments . For the year Venice is visited by approximately 30 million tourists, while the number of local residents over the last 50 years has decreased more than threefold, from 175 thousand to 56 thousand, notes TASS. Venetians are leaving the city because of the abundance of tourists.

Note, in 2017, the mayor of Rome VA Raja ordered to establish strict norms of behavior close to the historic fountains of the Eternal city. In its decision, it is prohibited to consume food and drink and pour and sit at the fountains, which are considered monuments of architecture. For violation of the prohibition imposed a fine of from 40 to 240 euros. Drastic measure is introduced in order to “prevent episodes that violate the rules on conservation of historical monuments and objects of architectural heritage of Rome.” The new rules extend the summer until 31 October.