The first full meeting of the presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump will be in the center of Helsinki, the presidential Palace, it will start at 13.00 local time (coincides with Minsk), told reporters at a briefing in Moscow, the Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov, reports RBC.

Vladimir Putin and Donald trump, Hamburg, 7 July 2017. Photo: Reuters

Putin and trump will engage in a tete-a-tete, that is, without members of delegations, but in the presence of interpreters. After that, Ushakov said that the planned Russian-American talks in the format of a working Breakfast with the participation of some members of the delegation. After the talks, the presidents will give a press conference. Limit communication to one-on-one from the Russian side.

That meeting will be held in the presidential Palace, previously reported Finnish media .

Ushakov said that Putin and trump meeting in Helsinki will be the first full-scale outside the framework of international forums (formerly the presidents met at the summit of the group of twenty in July last year), it promises to be a major summer event in international diplomacy.

“We are ready to see just about all key issues of bilateral and international agenda, the Central theme of the conversation, of course, the current state and prospects of development of Russian-American relations”, — said the assistant to the President.

“It is obvious that in the recent cooperation between our countries is in crisis. It seems to us that the situation has no objective reasons and objective basis. The cold war is long over, the age of the sharp confrontation between Russia and the Soviet Union and America is gone, the world situation has changed dramatically”, he added.

Russia and the United States, according to Ushakov, now faced with new threats. This and the growing complexities in the global economy and the spread of terrorism in such circumstances, States could, and should, work together to address these complex challenges.

“The purpose of the meeting can be seen in the fact that finally begin to rectify the negative situation in our bilateral relations”, — said the assistant President. The meeting can also help to restore a “more-less acceptable level of trust,” in the course of it can be outlined the steps that would allow the two countries to return to international cooperation, suggested Ushakov. According to him, the interests of Russia and the USA coincide in many spheres: in the maintenance of international security, the fight against international terrorism, a joint resolution of crisis situations.

Trump, according to Ushakov, the Kremlin is considering as a partner for negotiations. The US President had previously said that he considers Putin a competitor.

By agreement with the American side of the Ministers in the negotiations will involve only foreign Ministers — Sergey Lavrov and Mike Pompeo, said Ushakov. They are in Helsinki on the same day will hold their first meeting. The delegations will also be experts who would be willing to consider the request of the presidency.

In the Kremlin expect that the American side in the negotiations raising the issue of alleged Russian interference in the electoral process in the United States.

“The Russian government never interfered and does not intend to interfere in the electoral processes in the United States. We are ready to consider the facts <…>, but it can be done in the framework of the joint working group on cyber security, the establishment of which our President has agreed in Hamburg, but she has no real incarnation,” — said Ushakov.

The Russian side, he said, would also like to discuss the infringement of the rights of Russians, their arrests in third countries on request of the United States, as well as the work of the Russian diplomatic institutions in the United States.

Yet understanding whether the presidents any final statement (that is, whether something is recorded on paper), drew the attention of Ushakov. Most likely, the total of the final statement will not, the presidents themselves will speak about the agreements at a press conference, he said.

“While it is understood that the presidents will decide on this, but most likely, they will be limited to statements which themselves will summarize the meeting and will declare the agreements to be reached, and will give agencies instructions to carry out further work”, — said Ushakov.