Photo: Google Play Apps stealing user data

Many fake apps are “masked” under the well-known games and programs to steal information.

At the University of Sydney conducted a two-year study proving that in the Android app store there are thousands of fake programs. About it reports Onliner.

The researchers found that the Android system often faces security problems due to inadequate control programs, hosted in Google Play. Experts found thousands of fake apps, copying the popular program and designed to steal user data.

It is noted that most of the fakes are disguised as games Temple Run, Flow Free, and Hill Climb Racing. The study was able to find 50,000 clones applications top 10 000 on Google Play.

About 2040 of them contain malicious code, and 1565 applications requested for five additional permits in comparison with the original application.

Previously Android smartphone caught in the presence of a congenital virus. It was also reported that Apple has officially refused from iTunes.

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