People perfectly adapt to global warming of the air on Earth, and this has been proven by researchers from the University of California, Davis. They found that because of the slowness of the process, the people simply do not notice major changes and getting used to constantly rising temperatures. At first glance, this news might seem good, but she’s actually very scary — the researchers think that at some point, the people can simply boil alive, not noticing the formation of extremely dangerous and hot climate.

In the nineteenth century, scientists had invented a theory called “the frog in boiling water”. They were confident that a frog thrown in a container of gradually heating and boiling water will not notice the temperature change and simply cooked, and not understanding what happened. Despite the fact that this theory has been refuted by modern scholars believe that in the future people can wait for the fate of the same frog from the original experiment.

From 2014 to 2016, a team of researchers led by Professor Francis Moore studied billions of messages in Twitter . They drew attention to the geographical location of users, responses to weather reports and up to the moment information about her condition. To find out how people relate to the increase of temperature now, the collected data were compared with temperature data in 1981-1990 years.

It turned out that most people react to atypical for the season weather conditions: for example, warm winter and cool summer. However, this reaction is quickly forgotten, and after five years, people begin to perceive the warm winter and other extreme weather phenomena as something normal.

It’s really similar to the syndrome of “boiling frogs”. People started to get used to the changes that they really want to prevent.

Francis Moore, an expert on climate

This fact is very alarmed researchers, but they believe that the future weather will have an effect. Most likely, people will notice changes with a sharp increase in the number of forest fires, droughts and storms. Such catastrophes can this to remind people about the state of the planet, and they urgently need to take.

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