Experts called the cause of the transfer of Russian Federal bodies of protected areas of the occupied Peninsula

Photo: Wikipedia

The sole purpose of transfer to the office of the President of Russia natural protected territories on the southern coast of Crimea, one of which recently caught fire, is to build there a new residence for Vladimir Putin.

So says the Deputy Chairman of the Russian party “Yabloko”, the ecologist Nikolay Rybakov.

“It can be [done] with the sole purpose of the other, I do not see the construction of another any residence or use for such purposes a unique natural object”, – he said, “the Crimea.Realities”.

Fishermen are reminded that this scheme uses the presidential office for the first time.

“In the Krasnodar region we have witnessed that the reserves or territories which were to obtain such status used for the construction of houses and residences of the President of Russia”, – said the ecologist.

Previously occupying “the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Crimea” expressed their intention by December to give Russia seven natural protected areas of the Peninsula, including the Karadag nature reserve, nature reserve “Cape Martian”, the Nikitsky Botanical garden and the Crimean national Park.