Men broke the glass of a Toyota and taken away from salon a bag with a large sum of money



Precinct officers of Kiev detained three men for stealing from a car.

As told the head of the Shevchenkovsky police Department German Attack, during the course of the district police noticed three men who ransacked the Toyota, and then got into the Mercedes and drove off.

They began to chase. In a few minutes the car stopped and the men were arrested. During the superficial survey one of the men found things and money, and in the car – package with substance of a phytogenesis, similar to narcotic. All evidence seized and sent to the relevant expert studies.




At this time, the police asked the man with the message on theft from vehicle. According to the owner of the car, unknown persons broke glass and took away from salon a bag in which there were 14 thousand hryvnias and personal belongings.

Offenders were natives of Poltava region. One of the men previously brought to criminal liability for robbery, forgery and auto theft, the second is wanted for stealing, and the third person involved in prior problems with the law did not.

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