Rachmaninov: Explain. One asked me, what is the regulatory bodies, the second – why the Parliament may create such consultative bodies. Say: “Maybe”

Photo: goloszmin.org

The people’s Deputy from fraction “the Voice” Sergey Rakhmanin said on air of the channel “1+1” September 5, suspects that colleagues in ignorance of the laws that they vote.

“Seven bills [on introducing amendments to the Constitution] voted on the second day of work of the Verkhovna Rada in the direction of the constitutional Court. I have a huge suspicion that 90 percent of people who voted for it, with eyes not seen, for that vote,” said Rakhmanin.

According to the MP, he made such conclusions after communication with colleagues from other factions. Rakhmanin did not mention the names of the deputies mentioned.

“Explain. One asked me, what is the regulatory bodies, the second – why the Parliament may create such consultative bodies. Say: “Maybe,” said Rakhmanin.

He noted that the answer was a question: “Why do we vote then?”

A third colleague did not know that the constitutional Court should not change the text of the draft laws that sent him to reach a conclusion on the conformity to the Basic law, he added.

“The text is checked only on the subject of procedure and the observance of human rights. He says, “Well, OK. Then we’ll fix when I get back”. Say: “No, you are not allowed to change a comma in this project, otherwise it will go again to the constitutional court”. Another found out from me that their political power intends to introduce the imperative mandate for deputies-mazhoritarshchik. And so on. People vote, not knowing for what,” he added.

The current government of Ukraine, allegedly guided by good intentions, “blind driving” a huge number of laws, said Rakhmanin.

The Verkhovna Rada of IX convocation began work on August 29.

On 3 September, a plenary session of the new Parliament, where deputies also adopted the law on the abolition of parliamentary immunity sent to constitutional Court and brought in the agenda of the session, seven bills on changes to the text of the Basic law of Ukraine.

They concern in particular the elimination of the advocate’s monopoly, giving people powers of legislative initiative, reducing the number of MPs to 300 and the cancellation of a mazhoritarka, additional grounds for the early termination of Deputy powers.

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