Horoscope for today, November 30, 2018, for all Zodiac signs.

Friday closes out a busy work week, and how you will pass this day will depend on the coming weekend. Do not cut off the shoulder and do not make hasty conclusions about the people around you. OBOZREVATEL invites the reader to learn more advice of astrologers and a personal horoscope for today.

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Horoscope for today promises the representatives of this Zodiac sign is the most calm day, without any complications and hassles. The stars promise you help in all things, and it definitely has a positive impact on the future. Show firmness and perseverance – it will be certainly highly appreciated by the people who will play an important role in the future.


Taurus is definitely worth the work, but if not – then search for lessons for life. Your environment will definitely notice all the impulses and strongly support you. The day will be challenging, but very productive: do not be distracted by household stuff and don’t argue with loved ones, it will not lead to anything good.


Horoscope for Gemini for today promises a relaxed and extremely enjoyable day. You will finally be able to redo my entire schedule and not feel no tiredness, no sense of oppression. Good luck now be against you – she wants to push to some important step. Don’t fight it and everything will be fine.


Lately, Cancers are often trying to avoid all problems, but running away will not work. Some questions still need answers, and the problems definitely need to be addressed. You just need to think and put everything in life on the shelves – then you can come to the correct conclusions.

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All your hard work and efforts are finally noticed and appreciated. Lions have long dreamed about it, and it was on Friday the stars promise you a full return for all its work. Try to keep his composure and not to look for trouble, you deserve all the awards, and if the representatives of this sign will not get them right on this day, they definitely will not keep you waiting.


Virgo horoscope for today advises to devote a day of creative activities and self-development. Do not hammer head with numbers and charts – just try to concentrate and devote their time to more spiritual pursuits. The knowledge and experience that today, you can get very useful to you in the future. Any new initiatives will have a positive outcome in the near future.


Your Friday is a hard day, and Libra will feel it very clearly. You will be a bit annoyed and even angry at others, but they are innocent and mean you no harm. The whole point of fatigue and abrupt change of circumstances – you need to relax, and suddenly all will work out.


Probably, the Scorpions from this day will expect more than other Zodiac signs. Most likely, on Friday they have big plans, which should not be broken. Morning and afternoon, according to the stars, will take place quietly, but the evening light. Most importantly – choose the right company for entertainment.


The representatives of this Zodiac sign in the last time I relaxed a little and simply forgot about the fact that now is exactly the time when to keep yourself in good shape. However, if you focus on important issues – will succeed. Pay attention to the person you often ignore – it can give you good advice and help to solve some difficulties.

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Capricorn daily horoscope for today predicts some tests that will appear in front of you solely because of your negligence. Try to determine a priority for yourself this Friday, and to be as focused on it. Do not spray their attention on the little things – it will not be good.


Representatives of this sign stands today, to be efficient. Horoscope for Friday advises you not to be late, otherwise you may “blow” their luck. The stars advise Aquarians to plan every step and the whole day to adhere to some certain limits, otherwise you can do something. To be careful, you’ll be able to avoid the risk of conflict.


Friday this week is definitely a day of Fish. You have not seen such luck, as it is today. Lady luck will accompany your every step: in your personal life will develop only in the best way, the work is also going smoothly. However, you still need to pay attention to those who most tries to facilitate your life. This man deserves praise and encouragement.