There was a video of the weather in Rome

Due to heavy rain, car traffic in the city was impossible. Were also evacuated some of the underground stations.

In the Italian capital Rome on the night of 22 October, was a powerful downpour, which flooded the Eastern and Western areas of the city. In the end, automobile traffic was paralyzed, and some of the underground stations were forced to evacuate.

In the network of local inhabitants and resources continue to publish a video demonstrating the scale of the bad weather.

Storm runoff and huge amounts of hail in Rome, Italy last night, October 21! Video: Massimo Ribecca

— severe-weather.EU (@severeweatherEU) 22 Oct 2018

Even more difficult situation makes the fallen hail, which in some areas the surface of the water was covered with ice.

However, local authorities are warning of further deterioration of weather conditions. On victims of the disaster information yet.


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Earlier it was reported that in Rome because of the heavy rain appeared partially submerged underground. In one of the historic basilicas of Rome, the water level rose up to 1.5 meters.

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