The former leader of the terrorist “DNR” Igor Girkin (Strelkov) has criticized former Russian presidential aide, Vladislav Surkov, saying that he turned “the Republic” in “the trash of the Russian world”.

He said this in an interview with the YouTube channel of Diana Cady. The terrorist said that the resignation “curator” of the Ukrainian question in the Kremlin was not pleased, because it occurred too late (to watch a video, pascalite news down).

Girkin confirmed that “Republic” was ruled from the Kremlin. He noted that he did not know what orders were given by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, his assistant, as they “constitute a state secret”, however, the results of the management of Surkov as curator of the Donbas can be seen clearly.

Igor Girkin


“Republic” became the “gray zone”. Instead of a showcase of the Russian world there turned out a dump of the Russian world. Because people live worse than Russia, worse than in Ukraine”, – said Girkin.

He also criticized Surkov for the same purpose in ORDO, thereby refuting the propaganda thesis about the alleged “democracy” in “L/DNR”.

“First was delivered to Mr Zakharchenko and Mr Plotnitsky. Both are extremely sketchy characters, to say the least… But Pushilin was even worse of course. Because if Zakharchenko drunk was able to take some decisions, which, he thought, can benefit not only him, Pushilin is not willing to accept even such”, – said the former commander of the terrorists.



He added that the fault Surkov “economic, political, and moral situation in “Republic” for 6 years has steadily declined.

“In fact, Surkov, as he actually did, mocked, izgolyatsya population that fell into his hands, spent some psychological experiments. This is characteristic of his whole policy. I monitor his activity from 2004 about the “Chechen times”.

If Surkov selects and appoints someone, it will be the worst of the options. If the con – will be the most rogue, if the thief – the mega-thief,” – said Girkin.

Caution! The video is propaganda!

As he wrote OBOZREVATEL, recently it became known that Igor Girkin (Shooters) will become a member of the new Party direct democracy in Russia.

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