In those days, the firm showed the world a very unexpected development.

Not everyone knows that in the eighties “Apple” the company was not going to be limited to the development of electronics and trying to force in various fields. Betting on the growing popularity of Mac, the company decided to become the legislator of a fashion in the product catalog of the time you can find, for example, clothes, which seem quite relevant now, however, the most unusual things are hidden on the last page, says “Popular mechanics”.


Designed in California, manufactured in… Romania. The glass carafe has a special form, designed for pumping sludge and more complete disclosure of the taste of the wine. It is possible that this was one of the best decanters in the world, although it cost quite inexpensive — about $ 80 adjusted for inflation.


Impact resistant surfboard, which was considered, at that time, one of the lightest on the market. The Board was provided with two mierovej sail with the Apple logo and cost about $ 2,300 in terms of current prices.

iToy Truck

A simple toy tractor with trailer-van, which shows the rainbow Apple. “Looks equally well on the table in the adult, and the child”, — stated in the description.


In the Apple and engaged in the development of office accessories including small as the clip. And here, of course, was not without its Apple logo.

Apple-Brown Calculator

Very common at the time, the calculator Brown ET-66 was not proprietary Apple, however, was used in the advertising purposes for which it was printed with additional logo in the form of an Apple. Design ET-66 influenced the first version of calculator for iPhone.


Beech table MacDesk, released in 1986, was calculated on a Macintosh Plus computer with keyboard and printer, and also had a small drawer and could be adjusted for height. Now it would cost almost $ 900.