Became known, the participants of the contest of skill and contest three-pointers.

The basketball Federation of Ukraine has called the participants of the match of super League stars.

The match will take place on 1 February in Kyiv. The event will host several competitions, participants of contests of skill and three-pointers are already known, who will participate in the competition slamdance -will be known later.

Contest of skill:

Henry Dugat (Dnipro)

ISEA Williams (Chemist)

Marek Klassen (Kiev-Basket)

Ilya Sidorov (Prometheus)

Bruce Messi (Odessa)

Nikita Roslov (Cherkasy Mavpy)

Brandon Randolph (Zaporozhye)

Maksym Lutsenko (Nikolaev)

Roman Kozlov (Kharkiv Falcons)

Contest three-pointers:

Maxim pustozvonov (Kiev-basket, 54.8% sales in season)

Andrey Mironenko (Zaporozhye, 51.0%)

Kirill Marchenko (Chemist, 38.4%)

Joel Friesen (Odessa, 31.3%)

Alexey Onufriev (Nikolaev, 42.3%)

Dion Wright (Cherkasy Mavpy, 40.9%)

Maxim Zakurdaev (The Dnieper, 34.1%)

Denys Lukashov (Prometheus, 41.0%)

Roman Kozlov (Kharkiv Falcons, 31.6%)

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