Elon Musk

To use it in the car Tesla.

The head of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk published a sketch of an underground tunnel for the transport system Loop in Las Vegas. “Soon to be”, — said the businessman.

Owned by the Mask Boring Company began to dig a tunnel in November 2019 is her first project for public use, indicates Futurism.

In 2018 the idea of a Loop was transformed: it was planned to put passengers in a special capsule that would ride on the rails under the earth, now it is proposed to use for the journey Tesla, the publication suggests.

Elon Musk on Twitter

In may, the digging of the tunnel was completed — the company plans to open the facility in January 2021, noted The Verge. The underground tunnels are designed for short and quick trips.

Test tunnel the company built in 2018, it connects the headquarters, SpaceX and the suburbs of Los Angeles. The tunnel can move cars, cyclists and pedestrians. For machines uses a special mechanism that locks the wheel and moves the transport along the rails.