Another award for the high quality of services and the priority of choice among consumers, the company has received a CHEMISTRY-MACHINERY.

In the same year, the organization is among the reliable and investment-attractive companies and received the award “company of the year 2018”.Entitled to receive such awards “all-Ukrainian sectoral analytical center” provides the most reliable, promising and recommended for cooperation the companies in Ukraine.

The company “chemical MACHINERY” for a long time in Ukraine, has successfully established itself as a reliable partner in cooperation with leading Ukrainian companies in two ways:

· Rental of large construction equipment;

· Production and sale of industrial chemicals and liquid fertilizers.

Rental of special equipment our company provides in all regions of Ukraine, which opens up opportunities for cooperation with many construction companies, agricultural holdings and small businesses in General. Our staff is imported and reliable technology, modern excavators who are willing to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our equipment fleet is constantly updated and refreshed to fit the modern requirements, safety and wishes of our clients. We don’t just rent equipment, we save you time, effort and money.

OOO, CHEMISTRY-MACHINERY has skilled specialists and special equipment which can be used for the following type of works: excavation, construction and demolition work, excavation of pits and quarries, Contracting and subcontracting of work.

Top five reasons why you should choose our company:

  • Reliability– we do not use someone else’s equipment and guarantee 100% uptime of our machines.
  • Professionalism– You will cooperate with experts with high qualifications and is able to solve complex problems.
  • Punctuality– meeting deadlines.
  • Best prices– we continually monitor the market value of rent and services.
  • Fast shipping– we deliver equipment in the course of 2 days in Ukraine.

In the production of industrial chemicals and fertilizers the company has its own production facilities and equipment, allowing in the right amount and as quickly as possible to fulfill orders their clients. Also, OOO “CHEMISTRY-MACHINERY” can operate on raw materials, and to perform the most demanding wishes of its customers.

A separate paragraph should highlight the innovative development of the company, namely “Analogowy reagent HEAT-50”, which is used in de-icing in the first place, on runways of Airports, and in General on any roads. HEAT-50 is completely safe for humans and can be used in the city without risk to the health of people and cars. Also in 2019 the company “CHEMISTRY-MACHINERY” brings to market new formiate and acetate de-icing reagents, which are our own development and meet the standards of Europe to the runways.

Toward the production of liquid fertilizers is important to KAS 32 and 28, which are widely known among agricultural companies in Ukraine and has shown good results. Our company has the ability to produce it in unlimited amount and provide storage services for the long term.

Can also offer Boron, zinc, Micro and LCD, with different ratio of nitrogen and phosphorus.

During the period of its existence OOO “CHEMISTRY-MACHINERY” have positioned ourselves as a reliable partner who is always on time to fulfill its obligations, listens to the needs of customers and guarantees high quality of its products.

 Company address: Dnepropetrovskaya obl., g .Monay, St sh Gorobtsa 1-A.


Rental of construction machinery +38 (067) 575-00-73.

Manufacture of industrial chemicals and liquid fertilizers +38 (067) 552-67-01