Sergey Maisel: a Man who was the presidential campaign, will lead to a “stuffing”?.. I would rather believe that Mr. Bogdan asked about repost

Photo: Serge Maisel/ Facebook

Deputy of the Kyiv city Council Serhiy Maizel said that has nothing to do with the alleged pressure on entrepreneurs of Kyiv “on behalf of the head of the office of the President Andrei Bogdan”. Published today in the media about it in your Facebook called fake and said that they would ask the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine with a request to check the contents of the distributed network.

The MP expressed surprise that the head of the Office of the President posted on his Facebook a link to a questionable resource.

“The head of the PP Andrey Bogdan, whom I personally do not know, posted it on Facebook an article in which I allegedly demanding money from the Kiev businessmen for their Kiosks. There are two respected publications – the British BBC and the American CNN. And there Ukrainian a parody of the media – Its current popularity I’m bound “parody” – that she posted a link to the head of OPU,” wrote Meisel.

He noted that preparing a request to the NAB for this reason.

“In the published article about me no specifics. Strange screen, which anyone can do in a minute. “Nou-Neumann” commentators. Customers of the publication made Mr. Bogdan Chupacabra, which is afraid in Kiev. Do these people really think that using the name of the head of OPU, the capital is to create “chaos”? Fable… to stop fake news, I turn to the NEB. By the end of the week Bureau has received a request from me with a request to verify the information,” – said the Deputy of the city Council.

Maisel believes that Bogdan could someone ask for such publication.

“I don’t believe that the head of OPU read similar and even more do not understand the difference between real journalism and custom. The man who passed the presidential campaign, will lead to a “stuffing”?.. I would rather believe that Mr. Bogdan asked about repost or misled about the severity of this “mass media”, – he stressed.

The Deputy noted that the publication can be associated with the conflict between the head of the Office of the President and the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko.

“If it is difficult to destroy the reputation of the mayor, you should try to “walk on people” associated with his team. Well, accept the situation for what it is. For forces that use my name in their games are “in the highest offices.” The back entrance is only for tops, definitely not for the deputies of city rank,” commented Meisel.

He proposed “haters” pass the test of logic.

“The article written about me, that I demand money from businessmen “in the name Bogdan”. Okay, but at the same time, I perhaps the main lobbyist for major reconstruction of prospect street in the Desnyansky district. The locals know as full bloom trade in the Kiosks along the Avenue. If I make money on it, is there common sense in how to remain without a profit? After overhaul no MAF there will not be”, – he added.

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Posted by Сергій Майзель on Tuesday, August 27, 2019