Only in Citrus customers will be able to influence the choice of goods for Black Friday, during which discounts will reach 70%

Usually items for discounts on Black Friday are determined by the store. This year, the Citrus offers a bright new format for goods, which will be subject to discounts on Black Friday. First time buyers will be able to influence the choice of promotional products!

How it works

To influence the product selection for promotions on Black Friday, you need to go to the page on the website of the Citrus and choose five items that you want to get a discount. The results of people’s choice Citrus fail on 20 November and will announce the 10 most popular items defined by buyers. All these products fall into the sale of Black Friday!

So, it all takes place in three stages:

  • Buyers choose 5 products
  • Citrus publishes the top ten most popular products in the result of the vote
  • For these (and many other) products customers will receive discount on Black Friday

Bonus for participants of the voting

Among those who will take part in the voting and selection of the 10 most popular buyers of goods for promotional rates, will be awarded 20 certificates for purchase in Citrus 1000 UAH each!

The bright and fair Black Friday in the Citrus! Choose your product today and take the first memorable Black Friday in my life!