In January, Boeing stopped production of the 737 MAX.

The Boeing company announced the discovery in the fuel tanks of several aircraft 737 MAX foreign objects. The Corporation launched an investigation and verification of aircraft waiting to be sent to the customer. This writes Reuters, citing an internal document from Boeing, reports

According to media reports, in the fuel tanks found part of the working tools, metal cuttings, rags, and other materials. All this represents a potential danger for flying aircraft.

Operation of Boeing 737 Max banned worldwide since March last year. The reason for this was two plane crashes liners this model in October 2018 in Indonesia in March 2019 in Ethiopia. The victims of the crash of steel 346 people. Cause of accident, experts recognized the errors in the software side of electronics.

In January, Boeing stopped production of the 737 MAX. In a press release this is due to the extension of certification and uncertainty of its terms and conditions.