Researchers will continue work on the site of a mass grave

Photo: a Historical and Patriotic Association “Search” / Facebook

Near the village of shums’k in Zhytomyr region, the researchers found a mass grave of civilians who were killed in the years 1919-1921. About this 23 July, Facebook announced a historical and Patriotic Association “Search”.

“From the 19th to the 21st of July, the Association of “Search” conducted a search operation at the site of mass killings of civilians during the formation of the Soviet power, about 1919-1921. All were exhumed the remains of 29 people. Most of them have been young children and women. The total number of residues found people for all time is 173. Work at this location will be continued in future as this is not the final number,” the message reads.

C 19.07 по 21.07 ІПО «Пошук» проводило пошукові роботи на місці масового вбивства цивільних людей в період становлення…

Posted by Історико-патріотичне об'єднання «Пошук» on Monday, July 22, 2019

The head of the Association “Search for” Alexander Logvinyuk said July 25, “the Public radio” what about the discovery he announced the people who searched in this area, old coins but came across human remains.

“What I saw when they began to dig, it was just horror. They bayoneted, pierced with swords, axes. There is such damage: bones chopped in half, on the head from sabre blows, where time did not kill finished, whiskey broken. A lot of children. From 170 to about 120, probably, children. Children of different ages, ranging from infants and ending with such: 13-15 years”, – he said.

According to the researcher, killed civilians – victims of the Bolshevik terror. In the archives were found documents and memoranda that were written by the local KGB in Kiev about the excesses of the requisition in the village of Great Shumsk. These documents are dated December 1919 – January 1920.

“The Bolsheviks took away all civilian earned, so naturally, people took up arms, women could not do, women stayed home, men went to war. But the Communists came and took them hostage. All who did not surrender their arms or turned down for food – they were all here,” added Lovinac.